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On Censorship and Quarantine
Published 11/18/20 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

RE: https://archive.is/cmeQr

The words "hateful" and "hate speech" are stand-ins for "unapproved" speech. One of the biggest red pills you can swallow is the very fact that these asshats actually believe they should have a say over what you think and believe.

A man knows that nobody tells him what he can and cannot think and believe. If you didn't already think TRP was correct, look no further than where the thought police are targeting.

These ideas don't take hold because they're horribly incorrect and don't work. They take hold because it grants freedom and identity to men. Something the establishment desperately does not want you having.

There's a reason that censorship is targeting political speech just as much as it is censoring us. At the end of the day, the free exchange of ideas threatens their stranglehold on the culture. They need docile men they can control. Strong men are a threat to their plans because strong men stand on principle.

One such principle is free speech. The protection for men required for all other principles to matter.

This fight, I fight specifically for men to have a place to have unfettered discussion.

What they call "misogyny" is simply coarse language as a protection mechanism against the censorship of ideas. It's a trick to un-brainwash yourself from self-censoring ideas and thought.

When the matrix programs you, it teaches you not to think about certain aspects of the matrix. In religion, it blinds you to stark inconsistencies in the biblical stories. In politics and culture, it creates blind spots for men to prevent them from self-actualization and executing a high-return strategy.

You're taught that certain things are just "wrong" so you don't look further into it. Cutting yourself off at the knees. Things like:

  • Large age gaps are "creepy"
  • Men should not seek sex unless they are offering commitment
  • Men and women are exactly the same

These are blind spots that do not appear to the common man unless he looks for them and inspects them.

Using language that breaks you out of the mental mold is the first step to challenging long-held beliefs. Words that you've been trained not to say are the very words that can break your conditioning.

The minute we self-censor the very words we use, is the moment where we capitulate to the thought-police and prevent ourselves from exploring every topic, blind spot and idea to its fullest.

When we capitulate on language, we capitulate on ideas.

Our language is the litmus test for free thought. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

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