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first year in university
Kids these days
the fuck
Love it's hard to restrain someone bigger than you
That was bad
Fuckin freshman
beep boop i have no clones
Try me laxman

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Showing #daygame

tddaygame 14 minutes ago

Whatever happens - remain calm, act as if it's normal and don't make a fuss about it. Ever. If you will - she will as well. #shittest #not #only #daygame

tddaygame 2 days ago

Clickbait, false title, sleazy promotion: How To Get A Girl To Like You. #not #only #daygame

tddaygame 5 days ago

If after reading that anyone has doubts whether he should approach a girl he looked after I suggest a rubber hammer. #daygame #superpower

blue_dover 2 weeks ago

The best opener is to skip the opener and go directly into the conversation #daygame #mentalmasturbation

tddaygame 2 weeks ago

Think of something short, exciting and adventurous. Take her on a one-hour date. #dating #daygame

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

Learn how to better express yourself. Use accessories to be subtle and precise, use your style to convey the general message. First impression is crucial. #daygame #fashion

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