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Don't give her shit for taking forever
Yeah always have alcohol on hand
nah not even gunna mention it
or think it
just whatever
I have half a bottle of fireball I haven't touched since January
chicks are flakey it's normal
I don't drink much but it's a useful tool

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Showing #daygame

tddaygame 19 hours ago

Internal vs. external validation was a nice topic. So is validational vs. transational relationships. Damn, lately I'm writing more about relationships than #daygame.

tddaygame 5 days ago

Lately I've been on two lousy dates. And I blame the girls for at least half of the misery. The rest is on me. Those were girls who talk too much. #daygame #dating

tddaygame about a week ago

Is the girl you're trying to game externally or internally validated? Find out, adapt, calibrate. #daygame #dating

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