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Aw, how adorable.
woah look at me go
Laxman14: hold me back bro im a monsterr
HAHAHAHA trump's daughter mimicked a jewish tradition, thereby painting them into a sjw-safe-haven by way of associating with the jewish
idk but see the martial law thing in the phillipines?

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Showing #daygame

tddaygame 2 days ago

I'm (not) sorry to tell you that but no one cares that you're doing #daygame. Spotlight effect isn't real.

tddaygame 5 days ago

Are you too busy to approach a hot girl? Bullshit. Are you too busy to meet her? Hmm... #daygame

tddaygame about a week ago

Thank you for endless supply of topics! Today is about special skillset required to game married chicks (not really). #daygame

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