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"hey boss person, freshmen told me to come find out how big his penis is"
first year in university
Kids these days
the fuck
Love it's hard to restrain someone bigger than you
That was bad
Fuckin freshman
beep boop i have no clones

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Showing #mentalmasturbation

blue_dover 2 weeks ago

The best opener is to skip the opener and go directly into the conversation #daygame #mentalmasturbation

tddaygame 3 weeks ago

Today's post is pure #mentalmasturbation - I try to answer the questions Where are all the daygamers? Why do I keep seeing the same faces in Warsaw? #daygame

tddaygame 9 months ago

There are no life changing events. If you want to change yourself and/or your life you have to put in a lot of time and effort. A tweet turned into a blog post. #daygame #mentalmasturbation