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6. so, get out before then and you're golden!
that's really about all there is to it.
so yeah I suppose I could elaborate on some of those points, but that's the gist.
if you have 500 bucks come in this month and you're going to follow what your uncle physt does/did. i.e. split first gen money in about a 90/10 split. It'd be like this. 450 bucks in vanguard, and 50 bucks in bitcoin.
in reality I'd put more into a pretax account and all that first, this would be money passed your tax advantaged stuff.
so post tax money, split it 90/10 or if you are feeling forggy (which there is no fucking way I would be at this point regarding BTC) 80/20.
I'm curious about 5 -- are you saying you believe it'll lose its entire value and not recover, or that the person you're addressing (the average person?) will almost certainly lose money
I don't think it'll lose half it's value. I think you will be at a point where there simply won't be any buyer for your coins.

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Showing #stupidity

tddaygame 7 months ago

My [most embarrassing game mistake](https://trp.red/t/18a this year. So far, that is. I'm sure there will be more. #daygame #lmr #stupidity