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back when I tried it I mean
fun fact, one of my ex's friends started hitting on me like 30 min after she knew she broke up with me
women have no shame
alright its bedtime
have a good one fellas
good night!
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Showing #BRexit

-Anteros- 3 years ago

"Always err on the side of freedom." -Crowder https://trp.red/t/cl #brexit

Niko_Choski 3 years ago

If the #Brexit is tiring you! Access Part 7 of Understanding Woman series here & video here

Niko_Choski 3 years ago

@-Anteros- I think if people such as Mayors are democratically elected - then he has the vote of the majority of the people there. #Brexit was majorly supported and voted in by the uneducated and the old. In the end it is the wrong decision. 6th biggest economy (1 down in a day) and it will continue like that.

-Anteros- 3 years ago

@Niko_Choski London elected a Mayor who says theres "too many whites" working the transport system and recently has invited more immigrants in light of #Brexit (probably to influence the next vote). London is infected with globalist cancer that must be removed. After a phase of punishment the cancer will have very few cards left to play.

TomFoo 3 years ago

We want cheap shit! #Remain Fuck you world we gonna create GREAT shit on our own! #BRexit

TomFoo 3 years ago

@-Anteros- One gigantic alpha fuck-you-globalism middle finger. #Brexit

RPFerro 3 years ago

@Solitary_Wolf "Men invade, women invite." The women are pissed b/c the native men figured out the truth and are cutting off access to exotic dong. #brexit

DanteDriller 3 years ago

So proud of my English friends with the #brexit. Fuck them elitist bankers

redpillbanana 3 years ago

Congrats to the UK on regaining its sovereignty. #Brexit

-Anteros- 3 years ago

They did it. The mad men did it. Now they start on the difficult path to true freedom. #Brexit

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