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rertarded lol
well, its not really completely retarded to do NPO
sounds pretty retarded
yeah when you aren't a patient, you're right
That’s retarded
2-0, anymore takers? lol
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Showing #brexit

-Anteros- 2 years ago

"Always err on the side of freedom." -Crowder https://trp.red/t/cl #brexit

Niko_Choski 2 years ago

If the #Brexit is tiring you! Access Part 7 of Understanding Woman series here & video here

Niko_Choski 2 years ago

@-Anteros- I think if people such as Mayors are democratically elected - then he has the vote of the majority of the people there. #Brexit was majorly supported and voted in by the uneducated and the old. In the end it is the wrong decision. 6th biggest economy (1 down in a day) and it will continue like that.

-Anteros- 2 years ago

@Niko_Choski London elected a Mayor who says theres "too many whites" working the transport system and recently has invited more immigrants in light of #Brexit (probably to influence the next vote). London is infected with globalist cancer that must be removed. After a phase of punishment the cancer will have very few cards left to play.

TomFoo 2 years ago

We want cheap shit! #Remain Fuck you world we gonna create GREAT shit on our own! #BRexit

TomFoo 2 years ago

@-Anteros- One gigantic alpha fuck-you-globalism middle finger. #Brexit

RPFerro 2 years ago

@Solitary_Wolf "Men invade, women invite." The women are pissed b/c the native men figured out the truth and are cutting off access to exotic dong. #brexit

DanteDriller 2 years ago

So proud of my English friends with the #brexit. Fuck them elitist bankers

redpillbanana 2 years ago

Congrats to the UK on regaining its sovereignty. #Brexit

-Anteros- 2 years ago

They did it. The mad men did it. Now they start on the difficult path to true freedom. #Brexit

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