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so BullHorn, what ways do you see these issues affecting you?
the Introduction in that link you posted is like he was writing it directly about me
" he is forced to employ the internet as a surrogate for the father he never had."
great article ;x
doesnt solve shit, but it puts the whole situations into words
that article links to another article, Monk Mode
he mentions comedy, im sure its directly related to patrice :)
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Showing #Clowns

RedRum about a month ago

"If I can sin, I will grin

But if you must judge me harshly,

You are a member of the Nazi Party" - Clown Bible Psalms 10:13

#Clowns #ClownWorld

RedRum 2 years ago

Women can look at men and see only a parody #Clowns #Women

RedRum 2 years ago

Shit tests are unoriginal. I'm a lil tired of them. Which is me essentially saying I'm a lil tired of woman-kind because this is their nature. Wow, an insult that wasn't deserved. Wow, an insult that literally makes no sense. Wow, you disqualifying me because I next you and your ego can't take it. Women are the real clowns. #Clowns

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