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well if i give you $10k cash for a bitcoin and then my bitcoin goes to 0, i have nothing but you have $10k, no currency has disappeared. as i understand it
no US dollar currency that is
in my hypothetical conjecturing, I'd assume a central authority was just collecting all the money as part of say... restocking the fed or some shit lol.
But what about just getting involved with trading it? doesn't that sound interesting and also lucrative? gauging sentiment, technical analysis, fundamentals (in the technical sense), thinking about how larger social/government/banking/big player schemes might affect price
no, and i'll tell you why.
because of how markets work. If I had some grand theory about what the price of bitcoin was going to do, by the time I had that theory the market would have already adjusted for it.
neither you or I know any secrets, and if we did and if they were worth a substantial amount of untracable money......... well, wouldn't that knowledge be a bit dangerous?
not anything I'm interested in screwing with... like I said, I already made more money than your average dummy will see in a lifetime. and by average dummy, I just mean a dummy that can't use a PERT calculator lol.

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