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but yeah let them all talk.
yea when the girl I was dating brought it up, all I said was that I bet whoever told you that wants me
this nigga knows whats up
only thing Im worried about is the job situation. I do a great job and everyone I tutor sings my praises because I go the extra mile for them
well, try your best not to fuck students

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RedRum about a week ago

Someone at Insane Labz likes my content. Whoever it is hit me up with that sponsor. Daddy needs a new mic. #RedRum #Sponsorship #WhoDat

RedRum about a week ago

When your game is tight enough to finally bang a hot babe but she's disappointing in bed #Humor #Memes #RedRum

RedRum 3 weeks ago

New podcast. Buy a tshirt, share the podcast, spread the word. It's been a productive year ranting & joking. Thanks redpillschool for the platform, Bancroft for his content direction, and all of you for listening. Follow and star me. Me love you long time. #Humor #RedRum #Merch

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