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Was delicious
Plenty of leftovers too
ham and 3 kinds of turkey
1 oven roasted 1 smoked 1 deep fried
ham was bae
damn too many characters
cheers fellas
happy thanks giving you faggots

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RedRum about a day ago

Rape = catch all term for having something happen you don't want even if its after the fact. Therefore we can conclude reality is rape and we're all getting fucked nonconsentually by life. Life is on the run and has committed a multitude of crimes against good people. If you see him, call your police department immediately. #RedRum #Memes

RedRum about a week ago

its funny cause its true. I'm a camel on the internet. #RedRum #Humor #Memes #BodyBuilding #Health

RedRum 2 weeks ago

New podcast this weekend: The BluePill is Arrogance. Stay tuned my nillas. #RedRum #Podcast

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