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Showing #Merch

RedRum 9 months ago

New podcast. Buy a tshirt, share the podcast, spread the word. It's been a productive year ranting & joking. Thanks redpillschool for the platform, Bancroft for his content direction, and all of you for listening. Follow and star me. Me love you long time. #Humor #RedRum #Merch

RedRum 10 months ago

Official podcast merch is out n comes in dark englightment black or redpill red. You can grab a shirt today here. You may have noticed I haven't been podcasting. My mic broke. I have on avg 4000 impressions per post. If 1% of you purchased a shirt it can buy a new mic. #Merch #RedRum #Support

RedRum 10 months ago

Bloopies love silly shirts about recent events. And who didn't think the eclipse was real fuckin neato? Get your friends with a funny bone aneclipse survival shirt today while supplied last! from your favorite clown RedRum. Be sure to share with your friends on social media. #Shirts #RedRum #Merch #Eclipse