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I assumed you meant you drove
Grats on op Wildcatter
"science denial" does not exist. love scott adams.
he had an interesting viewpoint on the last one too. "The past does not exist"
I'm still mulling it over
I was ranting about science denial a while back: http://www.phystopia.com/index.php/2017/09/19/an-excerpt-from-a-rant-about-science-denial/

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Showing #Humor

RedRum about a day ago

I popped Viagra before my workout today. I trained harder than ever. #RedRum #Humor

RedRum 2 weeks ago

21 Savage played himself. These sluts "reward" him with "Captain save a hoe" title and make it out like he's going a great thing. I'd tag this #Humor if it wasn't so #Sad cause no one has any idea what's really being said besides these sloots.

RedRum 4 weeks ago

Girl writers are always the ugliest which isn't surprising most journalism these days pushes the feminist narrative #Humor

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