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replacemenwithalphas00 2 hours ago


  • You think you make a lot of noise, but nobody cares what you are up to
  • Handling the weapon is a bit scary initially, but you grow to find the thrill very satisfying.
replacemenwithalphas00 2 hours ago

Imagine this: There's a shooting range competition. Hit a distant target, the prize is fucking a hot girl. You are the only competitor, ammo is free. You are bad at aiming, you will miss many shots initially. But you always can try again and improve.

Would you take the challenge? Yes? Then why the fuck are you not out approaching?

TheStoicCrane 5 hours ago

@sir_wankalot_here I doubt if it's any easier for professionals. They just have more time to tear up rough drafts than most. Trust me I understand. Writing is an art form and a genuine means of creative expression. When contrived or forced to meet some arbitrary timeline it defeats the purpose and obstructs the work's underlying message.

sir_wankalot_here 6 hours ago

@TheViolat0r women are experts at moving goal posts.

sir_wankalot_here 6 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane maybe for professional writers it is easier but people don't realize the work required to create a post. That is why I have not made any posts for almost two years, it is alot of work.


TheStoicCrane 7 hours ago

@CorliameDeux In the meantime there are plenty of old EC posts you might not have read. "New" doesn't necessarily mean something that was created 5 secs ago. "New" can be subjective and mean something you haven't been exposed to before. Even if it was made centuries ago.

CorliameDeux 9 hours ago

@Noblefiz I hope thats the case

THE_StrongBoy 9 hours ago

My face when I try to go on the subreddit after 3 months off the grid

TheViolat0r 10 hours ago

it's amazing...thinking back to just how beta I was...and then looking back at my relationshit, I became the official beta bucks. Hate to admit it, but it's fuckin true maaaan!

Noblefiz 10 hours ago

@CorliameDeux there have ways been brief interludes between when new pieces get published by ECs. And they tend to be published within the same general timeframe. Doubt it's coordinated. But nevertheless thats how it usually happens. Sort of like how traffic rubber bands when it backs up. New posts will be back soon.Some ECs are just busy

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