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Noblefiz 33 minutes ago

@W1tchBladez read all the sidebar first. Then read old threads from Endorsed members, vanguards and mods. Their stuff is golden. Interestingly enough, I've taken LSD and read redpill literature and it definitely speeds up the learning process. Though I wouldn't recommend that to everyone.

perrolo 4 hours ago

@Gaboyski thank you for your suggestion. I have an introductionary notion of the Austrian School and Von Mises, once I create the base I will dive in deeper. Will look into what you mention.

Gaboyski 7 hours ago

@perrolo If you want more TRP-related I suggest reading up on a priori epistemology that underlie Rollo Tomassi's definition of the Red Pill as praxeology, aka the science of human action. If you're leaning into libertarianism that's also the Austrian School approach on economics and the social sciences.

replacemenwithalphas00 8 hours ago

@W1tchBladez Fitness, hobbies, cooking & eating, meditation, (NoFap), cut gaming & TV, cold showers, reading, out of comfort zone, talk to people.

Start small, consistently. If you go too far at once, it will rubber-band you back into old habits.

TheStoicCrane 9 hours ago

Anyone here buy Roosh's books on game? Considering that they were banned by major retailers it's hard to get any accurate reviews on it.

perrolo 9 hours ago

@TheViolat0r the way we are biologically wired will outlive any social imposition.

Even if we all decided for centuries to fight it, it would still be there.

W1tchBladez 10 hours ago

what would be the first step to becoming the master at red pill, i've just come from having who knows what pill, took LSD like a day ago now somehow ended up red pilled. id like some guidance, me being only 17 years old not talking to girls much id like the opinion from a true alpha red piller where do i start bros.

TheViolat0r 13 hours ago

so, do you think we'll evolve from this primitive way of the male being the protector for the female in the future? Maybe by sheer will? Or maybe with more technological advancements? Or maybe everything happens for a reason? Pardon my philo-curiosity! Makes me feel warm, fuzzy and funny! Also, I think the world is wrongly overpopulated!

perrolo 17 hours ago

@redhead A combination of both I would say. Nowadays everything leaves a trace, so we get to know about these things, as they get recorded.

redhead 17 hours ago

@perrolo here's one. Do you think idiots who die while taking selfies (https://trp.red/t/1vp) is karma for their complete and utter vanity and lack of self awareness, or Darwin's theory of natural selection? Also more and more biblical events can now be explained by science...

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