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girly needs a spanking
would not surprise me in the least
particularly the spanking part. that's damn near universal
I bet she's all "call me ron paul"
I bet she's into serious role play. "Ok you be hirohito, I'll be the american nuclear program"
I'd put a missile in her silo

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Noblefiz 12 hours ago

In relation to sex, specifically

replacemenwithalphas00 12 hours ago

Keep pushing your comfort zone, that's where growth & massive results are, in relationships, sports, business. This is never-ending, not a one-time thing. Staying at the same level is regression, even if that level is very high.

Noblefiz 13 hours ago

Are you still not getting her best if she does anything and everything you tell her to, but doesn't if you don't?

MentORPHEUS 16 hours ago

@wrognspellign Unless there are local cultural mores against it, by all means date other races if you find the individual attractive. If you're seeking LTR, common cultural ground becomes more important for day to day compatibility.

Omnidempotent 20 hours ago

@wrognspellign dating? Doesn't matter. Procreating? Yes.

tb87670 22 hours ago

@wrognspellign It's your preference you should worry about, not what others will think. If you have jungle fever go for it. If you caught yellow fever you know the cure. If you like every color in the rainbow except one then so be it. If you think a woman is attractive then go for it.

TheViolat0r 22 hours ago

@wrognspellign stick to dating humans? Absolutely.

wrognspellign about a day ago

Should you stick to dating your own race when almost everybody around you is of other ethnicity?

northeasternnomad about a day ago

@iLLprincipLeS Finally found my way here from the old sub. This is why I quit talking with a therapist. Too much risk to me. Hard to see the world like it really is and talk opey to BP people who have the power to report you as "dangerous" like 6 years of BP academia somehow qualifies them to do so.

Noblefiz about a day ago

Ive known about TRP for 4 years now and am only just now entering the anger phase. Better late than never. But man does this shit suck.

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