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replacemenwithalphas00 about an hour ago

Women are not responsible for feminism & co. Women are as nasty as you let them. When no strong men keep them in check, they panic and try to do things themselves (feminism, careerism, SJW...). Nothing brings them so much misery as having to take over a weak man's job.

TheStoicCrane about an hour ago

@RedRum The way of Rome. Multiple causation yields to destabilization.

TheStoicCrane about an hour ago

@redpillschool Negative publicity's still publicity.If Gilette were a feminist propagative shit test I choose the ignore option.

winninglosing 6 hours ago

@Noblefiz Very true, what do I tell her regarding her close, male friend?

winninglosing 6 hours ago

@TwoInchesOfShaft Thanks thats what I am thinking of.

RedRum 6 hours ago

@herodotus I made a joke and your first response was to freak out and you followed that up with statistics and a chart. You are the poster child of over analyzing.

Noblefiz 10 hours ago

@Schlongington that's how I feel atm. On this instance, faking it till you make it won't work bc the BP underlying programming will subvert and sabotage all your RP learnings. We need to dig deep, go back, analyze, accept and then rewrite all our BP beliefs and habits with new RP ones. Tough. You'll prob need a therapist.. CBT, nlp, etc.

Noblefiz 11 hours ago

@winninglosing *but don't let green flags

Noblefiz 11 hours ago

@winninglosing I have a plate that's kind of the same.Good male role models,studious,doesn't have "girls night out", low relationship count.. but let green flags make you 4get that she has a higher Ncount than you know. Girls will "not count" ONS all the time. She's fucked/going to fuck more guys and you'll never know. Keep that in mind.

tb87670 11 hours ago

@RedRum Once in a while the thought crosses my mind: If I lit everything civilized on fire so women know what real hardship would be I would get a serious schadenfreude boner that wouldn't go away.

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