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That's infuriating
they'll rue the day that they turned in their arms when the state turns against them
i dont know if roosh getting older is making him more trad-con every day, sure some things he says are red pill based but what's the surprises everysingle girl is a whore whith the right man, that's why I prefer TRP's "enjoy the decline"
I can't quite tell if Roosh is re-entering or revisiting the anger phase, or if it is some sort of business decision to appeal to that crowd
spot on
if he starts selling soap im done tho

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destraht 2 hours ago

There is a reason that they do it that way. Its very difficult to evade the AI systems which are constantly parsing the world's content. This generates flags which human operators look at and then if it matches a known planned event they can disable the alarm as a false positive.

destraht 2 hours ago

@RedRum You might want to hold off on trying to have the motives all figured out because the NZ attack was happening while yet another similar training exercise was occurring. That is a tell tale sign that there is more spooky stuff going on than it initially appears.

destraht 3 hours ago

A programmer told me that Discord is fully open to the admins and that you should use Slacks (for software) if you want even the smallest amount of privacy. This guy presented it that you use Discord to get the free unlimited history browsing and Slacks for reasonable privacy.

Rian_stone 7 hours ago

@Noblefiz I just cry when I hear about dry dicks in politics

Noblefiz 9 hours ago

@Rian_stone Alot of these posts should be done on IRC or redpill politics.

tb87670 9 hours ago

@tferguson Hit character limit above. So they infiltrate with the express religious decree to kill all infidels. They also have committed genocide of thousands of coptic christians across africa and the middle east but no one bats an eye until a mosque is shot up in NZ. You keep hitting people eventually you get tagged back, it's nature.

tb87670 9 hours ago

@tferguson There is nothing humane about this problem. The terrorists are killing more of their own civilians in the sandbox than NATO/US military personnel. Often they target civilians and promise to stop only when infidels are gone. They have classes in caves teaching soldiers to infiltrate the US using political correctness as a tool.

redhead 10 hours ago

I married this lifestyle a long time ago. It has never betrayed me. I will never love another the way I am committed to this way of life.

Rollo-Tomassi 11 hours ago

New Post: The Existential Fear – Men https://trp.red/t/22c

TheViolat0r 13 hours ago

Todays status includes: a rejection, zero words said and a lost piece of paper. There I was, sitting in the library, writing, upset about not being able to afford Spotify Student Premium and feeling like an idiot cause I can just DL it anyway. So, Rachel doesn't like my "poor whore line" cuz aPlLeMuSiCsUx, RIPPED PAGE, TOSSED PEN, HANDay.

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