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"hey boss person, freshmen told me to come find out how big his penis is"
first year in university
Kids these days
the fuck
Love it's hard to restrain someone bigger than you
That was bad
Fuckin freshman
beep boop i have no clones

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Showing #Podcast

RedRum 3 weeks ago

The weak should fear the strong. I talk all about it and more on my new podcast. Listen here! #Humor #Podcast

RedRum 3 months ago

Starting off 2017 podcast with a new look, new material, and a slightly different style. #Humor #Comedy #RedRum #Podcast

RedRum 4 months ago

Not doing jack shit today? All your new leads for poon dry up? Might I suggest an alt-humor podcast featuring an amused clown who is just as tired of all the bullshit as you claim to be. Learn valuable life lessons like morals dont matter and manipulate people who have failed you. #RedRum #Podcast #Humor