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congrats new ops.
oh man, think I'll buy that debate this weekend.
grats jotenko
Hey guys
I work at two jobs, one is phsyical labor intensive, the lattter is calm.
The first 9 months, the latter 4 months
In the last 2.5 months I've been intensely studying for the SAT's so I had to cut shifts which put me in an inferior position.
I wish to quit the first job for the latter. What's the best course of action you suggest?
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Showing #mgtow

rarebreedt about a month ago

Are You One BJ Away From Going Back? Check Out This Youtube VIdeo https://trp.red/t/226 #nonothingnov #iaskedforconsent #mgtow #redpill

RedRum about a year ago

MGTOW are the bench-warmers #Humor #MGTOW

RedRum 2 years ago

GayLubeOil's comment on the main sub had me cackling 2 minutes straight. My face hurts. read and laugh here #Humor #MGTOW #Rips

RedRum 2 years ago

MGTOW is utter bullshit. You can live a lifestyle full of video games, doritos, and still slay. Knowing your body, having self-discipline, and practicing game is still the fundamental components of a good masculine life. #MGTOW

JoeofKek 2 years ago

#MSTOW? I don't get it? I thought it was #MGTOW? And they're right either way. What point is there in playing a game that you never win at?