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At least the mormons work. These things just stay home and shit out kids
Government here pays for it
My managers manager is mormon. Really good dude
Somalis get childcare assistance from the state, so they shit out kids to collect more $
does this anger you
she was a hunter first.
My girlfriend was the one that got me into hunting, believe it or not. She's been doing it since she was a kid with her dad. First time I shot a deer was rather conflicting. I do like animals as much as the next guy, but I figure if I'm going to eat meat, I should understand what it's like to take the life of the animal I'll be eating. I find it fun to be out in the woods and all too, so that worked out
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Showing #RedPill

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 3 months ago

The real #redpill is not arguing with literal cucks because they cant answer a single criticism so they ban you.

rarebreedt 5 months ago

Are You One BJ Away From Going Back? Check Out This Youtube VIdeo https://trp.red/t/226 #nonothingnov #iaskedforconsent #mgtow #redpill

RedRum 2 years ago

How you are when you're getting laid VS not #Humor #Meme #RedRum #RedPill #Comics

RedRum 2 years ago

this is how I mentor members #Humor #Redpill #Mentor

afflikti0n 2 years ago

[Redpill] Tinder works best in THIS type of city


#Onlinegame #tinder #tindergame #redpill

RedRum 2 years ago

With the flux of hundreds of new red pillers, the knowledge becomes saturated and we're left with a softer forum body than we started out with. We need to divide them to concentrate the effects of the pill. TRP is becoming the new /r/Seduction; focused on dates and easy FRs. We need a stronger platform to up the dose. #Redpill #UpTheDose

RedRum 2 years ago

Try using logic with a bloopie and they cry "manipulation!"

Try reasoning with a group and the bloopie will cry "sociopath!"

Similarly, try explaining technology to the Amish and hear them cry "witchcraft!"

In all 3 scenarios, notice how each little bitch resorted to crying #RedPill #Comedy

RedRum 2 years ago

The red pill subreddit: where sexual strategy quickly turns into flame wars online because your reality just got butthurt #RedPill

RedRum 3 years ago

CopperFox3c makes a great post https://trp.red/t/ia I'd argue that it's not boundaries for men, but discipline that sets us free. Just as the dog on a leash has the freedom to go on walks in the city but a dog without the discipline to be leashed stays free to roam in a small fenced yard. #RedPill #Discipline #Freedom

RedRum 3 years ago

The influx of labels like introverts vs extroverts, 'causal readers', Meyer's brigs personalities is concerning for the red pill sub. They're all losing sight of what's important. We don't want casuals on the sub. We want winners. #RedPill

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