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man i gotta get to a big company
hardcore jobhunt begins now
of course getting a degree isn't a bad thing, unless it is. lol
I was a dick
or uh, I wasn't always this bastion of hope and light... the model of pure benevolence you see before you.
I'm pretty happy I started this degree
yep, they aren't bad unless they are bad lol

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What's New

tddaygame 5 hours ago

For all the #daygame nerds (and I'm one of them) - look back at my 2016 in daygame.

Rollo-Tomassi 10 hours ago

New post, The Reconstruction part 2: https://trp.red/t/zt

0xdada 13 hours ago

posted on a trp thread about motorcycles, this pretty much sums it up: https://trp.red/t/zs

blue_dover 15 hours ago

Grab patriarchy by the balls - https://trp.red/t/zr- nsfw

RPFerro 15 hours ago

Men bring the group together, women keep the group together (when there is no common goal). If a man is being nice in order to placate and preserve the status quo, he is doing the woman's function. Polarity is what attracts.

blue_dover 15 hours ago

@RedRum Are you a UI/UX designer by profession?

RPFerro 17 hours ago

@Archwinger if we make enough of our complaints into electronic pixels, the world will have to change. /s

RedRum 21 hours ago

Introducing my new monthly blog campaign: Abusive Food Network. Where I hold your hand like an infant and show you how to eat well on a budget that does not compromise your fitness goals. #Food #Humor #Health

onewingedangel 23 hours ago

Don't be thristy link

Archwinger about a day ago

@GayLubeOil Everyone knows that real men congregate on the internet to fix the wrongs in society. And, of course, to support each other with bro-love by acknowledging how unfair we all have it. Did you know that stupid women would rather have sex with a gym rat than a cool engineering major who doesn't pedestalize pussy by staying fit?

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