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they're like poor mormons without a beneficial religion
i imagine
At least the mormons work. These things just stay home and shit out kids
Government here pays for it
My managers manager is mormon. Really good dude
Somalis get childcare assistance from the state, so they shit out kids to collect more $
does this anger you
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Showing #Jokes

RedRum 2 years ago
RedRum 2 years ago

when she has to tell her hamster she is, in fact, a good woman #women #jokes #memes

RedRum 2 years ago

A woman saying "I can catch a dick whenever I want" is like me saying, "I can take a shit whenever I want" and acting like it's a grand achievement. #Women #Jokes

RedRum 2 years ago

If God Were A Woman:

At the completion of Her creation, God announces that it is was not what She wanted AT ALL and She shamed man and the earth and went to be with someone else who 'just got it'. #jokes

RedRum 3 years ago

I didn't get on the internet to be lied to. The fuck you thought??? #Unconventional #TRP #Slogans #Jokes

RedRum 3 years ago

Did You Know? The queen honey bee has up to 40 sexual partners a day, just like your ex. #jokes #DYK

RedRum 3 years ago

What's worse than being a cuck? Being a cuck who can't get laid. #jokes

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