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sorry dap
how do i context
archive of TRP and others has increased DB size to 3gbish
3ish gb
and it's taking a toll
the new design has mem and filecaching for popular stuff
but full text search will always be a wildcard

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KrustyKrabReject 13 hours ago

@RedRum I want to travel and I have been looking at nomad capitalist on youtube. Can keep U.S. citizenship and be tax exempt if you spend 330 days outside of the U.S. -Foreign Earned Income Exclusion -https://trp.red/t/1z0

bear-with-bit 22 hours ago

No one values your personal growth except for you. They only value the results you bring. They value swole. They don't want to know about much time you spent at the gym or how many reps and sets you did.

bear-with-bit 22 hours ago

@redhead Bible is full of RP truths, isn't it? Ironic how I left Christian faith and then discovered RP. "Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife." -Proverbs 21:9

Gaboyski about a day ago

Spin plates in your 20s and 30s, then settle down in your 40s with a low n-count woman 15-20 years your junior.

Could this be a valid new LTR strategy for Red-Pilled men? It does sound like the polar opposite of the current female strategy of riding the cock carousel and then locking down a beta husband for cash when the Wall hits

redhead about a day ago

Today is the best day to get a blowjob. Most girls will give themselves away out of purely not wanting to be left out of the valentines day festivities. take advantage boys.

redpillschool about a day ago


This kinda shit is why you can't write any new sidebar materialYou're not sharp enough anymore to do it.

Why don't you draft us up a new book on the subtleties of pedantry and the definition of the word science.

Because I haven't seen anything this fresh in years. This stuff is def going to get us laid.

redforeducation about a day ago

@redpillschool also worth checking out the ppd thread where they high five each other for much high IQ debate

Noblefiz about a day ago

If you guys aren't reading the open debate post, you're missing out on a lot of great RP gems. Lots of tagged members commenting and responding with good advice.

redhead about a day ago

@bear-with-bit You don't ever try to "awaken" people. As that is a feminine action in the first place. In the bible, Eve told Adam to eat the fruit which made him conscious. that is a symbol for how women are more self conscious and want to make others feel the same way. trying to awaken other men is never a good idea to begin with.

bear-with-bit 2 days ago

@DennyHardy Introducing RP to other men today is like trying to sell sand in a desert. They have everything they need on their phone. No one in my life taught me shit, I found trp on reddit while browsing r/divorce. Help those who are already helping themselves. For the rest, save your breath. Would rather take a nap then help a bloopie

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