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back when I tried it I mean
fun fact, one of my ex's friends started hitting on me like 30 min after she knew she broke up with me
women have no shame
alright its bedtime
have a good one fellas
good night!
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RedRum 2 years ago

Grab a paper-back copy of Rollo's newest book, Positive Masculinity here #RationalMale #Book3 #TRP

RedRum 3 years ago

I didn't get on the internet to be lied to. The fuck you thought??? #Unconventional #TRP #Slogans #Jokes

RedRum 3 years ago

Hey everyone, is there an ASKTRP sub where we can post questions about deeper things like male-female differences without being down voted to oblivion? It seems if you're not asking about how to "slays the pusseh", you're a beta cuck faggot. #Questions #Ask #trp

RedRum 3 years ago

I would like to request two features for this site: 1) A button to submit feature requests 2) bookmarking blog posts so that I may return to my reading material #TRP.RED #RED #FEATURES

bradyo2 3 years ago

Very excited to be a part of this new community. It's a new day, Gentlemen. #TRP #WelcomeParty

illacertus 3 years ago

Excited to be part of this, gents. #trp

Gaiusscaevolus 3 years ago

@redpillschool, I suppose this is the blogging equivalent of 'hello world' coding. #TRP.RED #hastag https://www.trp.red/p/gaiusscaevolus/36

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