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best part of my late 80's early 90's childhood: yo mamma jokes
So I've got a beta buddy who had an ex break up with him about 4 months ago
We're mutual friends and its hilarious, she keeps wanting him back when she stops ovulating and is on her period
Then, mid cycle she will fire up Tinder
She was with him for 2 years, getting off birth control made her end it
Anyone do marketing here
Is it even worth dealing with lol

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Showing #humor

RedRum 2 days ago

brilliant ideas I should have come up with and cashed in on #Humor #PoliticalCorrectness

RedRum about a week ago
RedRum 3 weeks ago

titties are now acceptable as long as she identifies as a dude. #FreeTheTattas #EndSlavery #EmpowerTheBoob #Humor #News

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