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they're like poor mormons without a beneficial religion
i imagine
At least the mormons work. These things just stay home and shit out kids
Government here pays for it
My managers manager is mormon. Really good dude
Somalis get childcare assistance from the state, so they shit out kids to collect more $
does this anger you
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Showing #nonothingnov

rarebreedt 5 months ago

Are You One BJ Away From Going Back? Check Out This Youtube VIdeo https://trp.red/t/226 #nonothingnov #iaskedforconsent #mgtow #redpill

SmoothieMcSmooth 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Final Report

  • Training: 6/12=50%
  • Sleep: 21/30=70%
  • NoSugar: 17/30=56%
  • Reboot: 26/30=86%
skiper505 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Final week status: -Porn:Ok.Overall failed 3 times. I will continue. -Video games: Ok.

  • Waking up early: Ok. Goal#1: Resuming gym on Monday. Goal#2: Resuming guitar tomorrow.
darchetype 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Final Week Update:

  1. Alcohol: fail (planned)
  2. Investments: success
  3. Social media: fail
  4. Posture: slight progress Overall not a great month, but reducing alcohol consumption has me feeling better and sleeping better.
skiper505 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update day 28th: -Porn: Failed. -Video games: Ok. -Waking up early: Good. Goal#1: I have had a pretty crowded schedule lately. I think I will resume going to gym next week. Goal#2: As the holidays approach, I will have a lot of time to focus on this.

SmoothieMcSmooth 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Day 26 I fall into a zen-state multiple times a day in real-life-situations.

  • Reboot: success, 15-day-streak, feel like an animal
  • Sugar: miss, I bought and ate a non-trivial amount of chocolate that could harm ordinary people
  • Sleep: success
  • Training: hometraining, need to revive my gym-habit
SmoothieMcSmooth 8 months ago


  • Day 23: Reboot, Sugar, Sleep great, missed Gym
  • Day 24: Reboot, Sugar, Training great, missed bedtime to meet girls
  • Day 25: Reboot great, missed wakeup time, had some gifted chocolate, no training
skiper505 8 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update day 24th: -Porn: Failed again. It seems I have to occupy my mind with something. -Video games: Ok. -Waking up early: Good. Around 9 am.

JKazuni 9 months ago

#NoNothingNov Day 1 Go to the Gym. No Porn No Video Games *No binge watching

skiper505 9 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update 23th: -Porn: Failed. Despite this, I made it very far. It was my mistake of giving in. I will reset and continue. -Video games: Ok. -Waking up early: Very good. At around 8 am.

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