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greenwater: sounds like you lack lifting
being lifting for 10 years
Lift instead of reaching out to your ex
Homie needs a shower after rummaging through the trash
DocObvious: that's darkbuff right?
he's the one that rummages through trash
also sup bos
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TheStoicCrane about a month ago

@destraht TRP needs to emphasize thats it's from a White, Eurocentric, mindset that's milage may vary when applied from people of other ethnic backrounds. So they #1 won't get discouraged when every blond haired blue eyed chick they've been fawning over turns them down and #2 they can customize their own sexual strategies specifically tailored to their personal backround and circumstances.

TheStoicCrane 2 months ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Americans are probably overweight because they #1 overconsume calories, #2 they overcomsume sugars that leads to metabolic syndrome and insulin response deficiencies, and #3 overconsume pounds of preservatives that are liable to make them ill in the long run. Alot of the preservatives used by American companies are banned by foreign countries. Most likely for good reason.

Chaddeus_Rex 3 months ago

@destraht agreed abt gold reserve. US built itself on giving loans to european powers while they fought and demanding extortionist loans. It was possible for US to do this as it is so far from europe that it could not be invaded. The fact that the USSR was able to reach #2 economy, without "cheats" (ie geographical isolation) (1)

Poisenpen 7 months ago

@hoit We have Hil-dawgs #2 and her personal emails that were leaked by wiki-leaks. Here is a list of the most damning. Your thought process is 100%. Warning: This list consists of many black-pills. Evil shit, however, once you swallow them you'll understand everything Trump is actually doing. I.e. Venezuela.


skiper505 9 months ago

#NoNothingNov Final week status: -Porn:Ok.Overall failed 3 times. I will continue. -Video games: Ok.

  • Waking up early: Ok. Goal#1: Resuming gym on Monday. Goal#2: Resuming guitar tomorrow.
skiper505 9 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update day 28th: -Porn: Failed. -Video games: Ok. -Waking up early: Good. Goal#1: I have had a pretty crowded schedule lately. I think I will resume going to gym next week. Goal#2: As the holidays approach, I will have a lot of time to focus on this.

skiper505 9 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update on 22nd day: -Porn: Ok. -Video Games: Ok;

  • Waking up early: Ok. (Changed this one since it did not make any sense).

Goal#1: Will resume gym next week. Goal#2: Will resume guitar asap.

skiper505 10 months ago

#NoNothingNov Update on 18th day: -Porn: OK. -Video games: OK. -Not waking up early: Failed this weekend. Goal#1: Failed. Did not go 4 times a week. I will start again tomorrow. Goal#2: Failed. Did not have time. But, I will persevere.

Noblefiz 10 months ago

@redpillschool I kinda like this one, but replace the icon with the one from #2. Just my 2cents.

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