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move out in the summer, go full time/work full time and finish my degree in 1 year
and then switch careers like a douche
my year plan
save 250k
buy gt3rs, buy house in arizona
what ya make now
I saved up enough and have a roommate lined up so I should be good. My job is not so demanding so I can put up with the SJW nonesense for a year, while they pay for my degree

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frontEndDev 4 hours ago

The Asshole - Truths pt. 3


Being the villain has its pros and cons. If you choose to take this series to heart, do it with absolute conviction.

Rollo-Tomassi 23 hours ago
frontEndDev about a day ago

The Asshole - Aggression pt. 2 https://trp.red/t/1kw ?Aggression is an aphrodisiac. Harness that shit.

frontEndDev about a day ago

The Asshole - Intro pt. 1


The connotation of 'asshole' is a good one. This three-part series will go over what it means to be a true asshole.

adam-l about a day ago

There are only 3 reasons for which one might deny the fact of female privilege: Lack of experience, lack of intelligence, or lack of morality.

On the other hand, the minimum requirement in order to be able to acknowledge it, is any two of those traits.

GayLubeOil 3 days ago

According to Grok I'm a feminist. https://trp.red/t/1ku

RPFerro 3 days ago

@redpillschool but until the populace wakes up, the 'losers' abide.

RPFerro 3 days ago

@Limekill even w/ 24 million unregistered vaginas, there r still millions of men w/ no future. "An idle mind is the Devil's workshop." ...create more chore work and rubber twats.

Limekill 3 days ago

@RPFerro - actually they reckon there is 24M women who have not been registered (in fact in the last 2 or years they have registered 14Million 'non' people). Due to 1 child policy they often had another kid (esp if first was a girl), and officials would look the other way and not register the child (Chinese solution to a Chinese problem).

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