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well, I don't recommend banging your boss as a rule of thumb
shes a whale
I would never but shes the one warning about me
oh, she's got a crush
lol maybe literally
but yeah let them all talk.
yea when the girl I was dating brought it up, all I said was that I bet whoever told you that wants me

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redpillschool 5 hours ago

@bsutansalt I don't remember I'll look it up. Might have copyright issues though.

RPFerro 6 hours ago

It is your burden to learn a useful skill or two. Companies will not teach you anything valuable until they feel you're too invested to leave.

bsutansalt commented on a podcast 9 hours ago

@redpillschool What is the music? I could use that in the videos I'm making. Has a good tone to it.

redpillschool 9 hours ago

Inconvenient facts...

redpillschool 9 hours ago

The number of sports players kneeling as a protest gives me such a distaste for pro sports that I'll just stop watching.

tddaygame 12 hours ago

Some thoughts on why it pays off to be able to joke. Two main reasons: shit test and brutal honesty. #daygame

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 12 hours ago

Every now and then I meet a group of people who are somewhat sheltered and unconsciously acting gay and I tell them to cut it off and they look at me like I'm the bad guy. Like I give a shit. Keep being a faggot, faggot.

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 12 hours ago

Overtraining does not fucking exist. Floyd Mayweather and Mcgregor go to the gym 4 times a day. Your mother might be concerned that you might stop being a faggot but they call it being a champion.

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