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the example that I have is people that are sold on the idea of the state being daddy provider for all things, like universal healthcare. I'll concede that it'd be a great thing if people could get 'free' universal health care, but then ask them: "how would you pay for such a thing?" - and they never have an answer
its just socialism with a new face
its pretty much all the Democrats are good for these days: sneaking in socialism at every opportunity
I'm somewhat surprised GE Trump even signed their bullshit border bill
yes, it is, but my point here is that you can't just tell them "socialism is bad, mmmkay?"
that goes in one ear and right out the other
you have to get them to a point that they question their own beliefs. they can't be told directly
right on

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Omnidempotent 15 minutes ago

This is the most beta song I have ever heard in my life. https://trp.red/t/1z4

TheViolat0r 6 hours ago

@iLLprincipLeS I realized that over the summer. My energy prompts people to ask me if I'm "ok" and I can't help but laugh. AWALT, I've got this internalized. Approaching is fun. Counselor's terminal illnesses will take her before she makes it to court, so I'm not worried. I think these next couple sessions will by my last.

clavabot 6 hours ago

Sad for them, we can smash their girls without paying a cent,and they can take care of her financially I like that agreement

iLLprincipLeS 7 hours ago

@TheViolat0r Uni counselor will be the first to testify against you, be careful. And modern people don't like "high energy" persons. Best anti-BP method is constant approaching, you're not ready until you got into AWALT mode.

TheViolat0r 7 hours ago

@Noblefiz sometime later... I'm seeing 2 counselors: Uni counselor and one at the nearest walk-in. i dunno...I'm at a weird stage at this point in my life. Rolling with the punches. I've also just begun to realize I'm a very high energy person

DennyHardy 11 hours ago

@TheStoicCrane a guy named B. Rob has a book called "Salty" where he shares his stories of going into the sugar dating world, but by being a Salt Daddy instead

TheStoicCrane 23 hours ago

Believe it or not Beta Bucks have a game strategy. It's called being "Sugar Daddies". As sick as it seems it makes perfect sense. If Betas make enough bucks in their 40s,50s,60s+ they can basically rent willing college girls looking for money from websites like this. A bitter pill to swallow but it's reality. https://trp.red/t/1z2

RPFerro about a day ago

Women can ‘plateau’ indefinitely; And it makes no difference to their sustainability. but for Men, any ‘plateau’ is temporary. We either Rise or we fail. failure becomes a learning experience, and one must always strive do their Best so as to achieve Victory.

TheViolat0r about a day ago

"Fix your depression first"! My social anxiety is something I'm conquering fast and have had zero issues in social settings. However, I realize that I'm a high energy person and I need to stop thinking and just start doing, because I know what my goals are, and I know what I need to do to achieve them. I refuse to be mediocre.

redhead 2 days ago

@TheStoicCrane If you want to be a farmer, good. We need those. Master your craft. Respect. We also need leaders. We, as a nation, are lacking in those right now.

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