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rertarded lol
well, its not really completely retarded to do NPO
sounds pretty retarded
yeah when you aren't a patient, you're right
That’s retarded
2-0, anymore takers? lol
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Noblefiz 2 minutes ago

@destraht meh. That depends if your friends are BP and will give you shit advice or not. A well trained therapist is infinitely more valuable to your RP journey. Especially if they're RP themselves. Friends are good to have. And if they're RP, all the more. But let's be real. I'd wager 95% of redpillers are alone on their journey.

SampsonDarkSunEagle 23 minutes ago

Stop being afraid of peoples’ emotions. Also get muscular. It’s all that simple

TheStoicCrane 48 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r You might appreciate this then. I absolutely hate what contemporary hip hop has become because the old great tracks were inspired by people like this man! https://trp.red/t/23q

TheStoicCrane 51 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r When I ask ppl what program they're on or made and they said they have none I look at them like a deer in headlights. How do they know if they're getting stronger or making gains without keeping a log? How do they remember what weights they use two weeks prior without a record?!

TheStoicCrane 54 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r Great, man! That's the best way to stay consistent. I treat mine like I'm on a mission. Write down my monthly program, write down individual exercises with reps, sets, & RPMs and attack the iron like a mercernary!

TheViolat0r 2 hours ago

Man...I love music! Listening to the music I've been listening to for as long as I can remember, and I still continue to learn new things about old tunes. #DQdFromRPDiscourse

destraht 4 hours ago

@tb87670 Why don't you pursue relocating? About 80% of the reason that I suffer my native culture at this point is due to helping out with family. My mom finished her bankruptcy a week ago. Now they can begin to dream again since the house can now be sold. Cali is a mild hell for me overall. Do you pursue change? There are other places.

destraht 4 hours ago

@Noblefiz Sure. I just think that complaining to friends and like minded people is better than therapists. How to even negotiate that whole mess? @Pentalobe Come visit me around Ukraine in 1+ month. Its real medicine you need. If you are in US then its probably total a $1750 trip. I'll get you sexed up, readjusted, world view stuff.

Morsehelix 5 hours ago

I love that you’re doing all this for free! HS is indebted to you and your risqué violations!!! ;)

Pentalobe 5 hours ago

4 days into the breakup, and I feel like I'm over the worst now. I can laugh at stuff again, but it still feels like there's a hole in my heart. It'll be hell all over again when I get back to sort out the logistics (Been living together the last 6 years). Currently visiting my brothers during easter. They've helped.

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