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rertarded lol
well, its not really completely retarded to do NPO
sounds pretty retarded
yeah when you aren't a patient, you're right
That’s retarded
2-0, anymore takers? lol
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TheStoicCrane 23 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r You might appreciate this then. I absolutely hate what contemporary hip hop has become because the old great tracks were inspired by people like this man! https://trp.red/t/23q

TheStoicCrane 26 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r When I ask ppl what program they're on or made and they said they have none I look at them like a deer in headlights. How do they know if they're getting stronger or making gains without keeping a log? How do they remember what weights they use two weeks prior without a record?!

TheStoicCrane 28 minutes ago

@TheViolat0r Great, man! That's the best way to stay consistent. I treat mine like I'm on a mission. Write down my monthly program, write down individual exercises with reps, sets, & RPMs and attack the iron like a mercernary!

TheViolat0r about an hour ago

Man...I love music! Listening to the music I've been listening to for as long as I can remember, and I still continue to learn new things about old tunes. #DQdFromRPDiscourse

destraht 3 hours ago

@tb87670 Why don't you pursue relocating? About 80% of the reason that I suffer my native culture at this point is due to helping out with family. My mom finished her bankruptcy a week ago. Now they can begin to dream again since the house can now be sold. Cali is a mild hell for me overall. Do you pursue change? There are other places.

destraht 3 hours ago

@Noblefiz Sure. I just think that complaining to friends and like minded people is better than therapists. How to even negotiate that whole mess? @Pentalobe Come visit me around Ukraine in 1+ month. Its real medicine you need. If you are in US then its probably total a $1750 trip. I'll get you sexed up, readjusted, world view stuff.

Morsehelix 4 hours ago

I love that you’re doing all this for free! HS is indebted to you and your risqué violations!!! ;)

Pentalobe 4 hours ago

4 days into the breakup, and I feel like I'm over the worst now. I can laugh at stuff again, but it still feels like there's a hole in my heart. It'll be hell all over again when I get back to sort out the logistics (Been living together the last 6 years). Currently visiting my brothers during easter. They've helped.

tb87670 5 hours ago

@Noblefiz Even without TRP I'd be quite happy alone. Most people out there are stupid and openly violent towards my viewpoints (redpilled and honest about life) so I don't talk to them and participate as little as possible in society. I can socialize well but I do not enjoy it, I keep looking for the exit. I highly value my time alone.

Noblefiz 6 hours ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 you're right on all points. But the fact remains that men are not built to be islands. We need communities. Trusted men. Our own circle. I don't believe anybody who says they're happier as a lone wolf. Plus, many men don't have trusted people to talk to that aren't women. And female therapists are the worst.

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