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I'm like 50/50 on whether or not to stay in town w/ it
was just combining what anteros said haha
yeah I just don't want something that's so soul-crushing that it pushes you further into a shell
i may like it, who knows
i think it being not in my town allows my shell to weaken though..
i always do better elsewhere than here. i know so many here it makes me uncomfortable
but yourenot wrong
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TheStoicCrane 3 hours ago

"Food" companies will literally feed consumers insects to make quick cash. Read the labels on the products you eat! https://trp.red/t/2hq

disabledtrp 20 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS Thanks for the encouragement. In the end, i didn't even reached the club. We had a pre-party me, another guy, 2 girls (a 6 & 8). The 6 started to puke all over the host house 3hs in. Helped to clean & left.

Kexryn 22 hours ago

@tb87670 I am skeptical of the health dangers of 5G. However, if you want to improve landline Internet, go out there and improve it. If you don't have the resources, then recruit people until you do, or start small.

tb87670 23 hours ago

@Kexryn Big corporations seem dead-set on blasting RF radiation at higher frequencies from a more dense network of broadcasting towers. One man can't stop it, groups of people who know the subject very well are running into a wall trying to halt it. They will use patriotism as the excuse to do it so China doesn't get ahead. I'd say stick to landline and let Chinese burn their nervous systems out.

Kexryn 23 hours ago

@tb87670 Be the change you want to see in the world. If landline internet is inadequate in your area, start your own network with blackjack and hookers. Anything is possible.

Kexryn 23 hours ago

@destraht Non-ionizing radiation isn't counted in rads.

Kexryn 23 hours ago

@tb87670 How did TRP get tied up with this conspiracy theory?

Kexryn 23 hours ago

@destraht If you act impeccably, you may not convince your opponents, but everyone else watching will see that they are crazy. Do not stoop to their level. Inspired by a.trp.red/3t

destraht about a day ago

@tb87670 Yeah its about packing as many people as possible into a hive grid with twenty sensors up their asses. Its back to Agenda 21 shit.

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