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This is what I am looking at right now. I will make a better entry later.
man thanks so much for the link!!!
aneffingchamp that was amazing thanks man!
Can't take thanks to the bank, my grandpa always said
your grandpa probably did
seems like that kind of a guy
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nice_guy about an hour ago

Some people lose sight of their options when they wind up in desperate situations, while others are never taught that they have options to begin with. But you always have options, and finding the best option requires more creativity than settling with the one given to you.

nice_guy 2 hours ago

You should always be able to rely on your consistency and character as a rock-solid MF instead of dipping into our of pocket BS

nice_guy 2 hours ago

Don’t do illicit trades or commit crimes in general unless you want to end up in jail. And if you do want to go to jail, then be warned that you will be allowed zero female contact and all of you britches will leave you

Chaddeus_Rex 3 hours ago

@Dream and you are in coward phase.

Run along kiddo

Chaddeus_Rex 3 hours ago

@destraht why are we engaging @Dream? He continues to ignore my challenge to get in the ring for 3x10 no rules...that indicates cowardice meaning nobody should listen to his masculinity advice

redpillschool 3 hours ago

@Chaddeus_Rex we already segregate based on topic. It's an easy way to make small discussion groups.

Chaddeus_Rex 3 hours ago

@tb87670 dont go into illicit trades unless you are in financial troubles.

The way the system is built pushes people into illicit trades

Chaddeus_Rex 3 hours ago

@redpillschool you arent afraid this will start a segrgregation of the community?

Chaddeus_Rex 3 hours ago

@destraht can u elaborate more on this? I am curious abt what ukraine looked like after the coup

MatrixofLe3adership 4 hours ago

Does anyone remember that old, huge-ass image file on game/'how to get laid(?)'? I'm looking for a link.

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