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people come and go
good review https://youtu.be/dbwuLcAMhLc
god what a travesty
4 chickens added to my farmily
see what i did with the word there?
DaPowa: why do you have chickens
I like low cost eggs and free pest control.
And free fertilizer.
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clavabot about an hour ago

@RedRum I assume a good rule of thumb is to be as close to 4 digits as possible, and to test "free" tst lvls not total tst lvls

jwayne 3 hours ago

"He who binds to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in Eternity’s sunrise." William Blake

RedRum 13 hours ago

@SeasonedRP You should be at least double that

WanaxAgamemnon 15 hours ago

@jwayne I'm going to be the nasty pirate I am and put a free link I found here.

TheViolat0r 15 hours ago

I also realized that I've grown up with 1 extreme after the other: being a white NDN on a rezerve where everyone hates the Whiteman&Gov't for what they're doing to them - HATRED & the source of my Anti-SocialPD most likely. LOVE - from my grandparents, who I cared the most about, taught me how to be decent. But man, am I tired...

TheViolat0r 15 hours ago

got my dirty hands on sum magic mushrooms. GIVE ME TWO FAT TABS & THREE SHROOMS AND YOU WONT SEE ME LIKE FAT PEOPLE IN STEAM ROOMS! I walked diagonally across one of the main intersections in town; played chicken with an armoured truck...because I felt like it. Walked 1/2way across the PED.Xwalk, just to see if you'd react, and ya did!

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ about a day ago

@redpillschool Okay, Il be waiting!

jwayne about a day ago

@Omnidempotent is it the same as being a beta provider?

jwayne about a day ago

@Noblefiz Theres another one called Optimized Under 35 that is more recent by a different author and Iv heard good things about

jwayne about a day ago

@Noblefiz i highly recommend the Testosterone Optimization Bible by Jay Campbell. The kindle version is great and is worth every penny

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