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I dig stuff like this, where it's a combination of art and a function: https://img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5978830/il_570xN.292272674.jpg
my vision for your chorreador is something like making it look like the top part is a head looking down at the cup, and you jam the filter through the hole in the head
That'd be awesome, I dig it
Sketching is a fantastic hobby
hi all. how active is this channel?
There are a few folks here.
We are simple folk round these parts. We like our pills red and our chats empty.
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MatrixofLe3adership about an hour ago

I would pay to have a nice physical-copy book of the sidebar with other selected top posts published in their original form (ie. as they appeared on r/TheRedPill). Maybe I'll think about/look into this more. If designed and sewn with a proper binding, that would be one kick-ass book.

destraht 2 hours ago

Today was the first day that I jogged on the dirt trail and also lifted. Its 2 hours of walking, jogging and lifting. Its a bit difficult for me at this time.

Rian_stone 5 hours ago

@Legends_of_Men at least it's accomplishment. Imagine working out all day to look like one could fight, but with no fights under one's belt. Symbols of masculinity v accomplishments outside of a vacumn

Danger and play, sex and violence, love and war.

Those are things that can never be taken away from a guy.

Ironeyes 6 hours ago

@Dream I'm sure you'll let us all know.

MentORPHEUS 10 hours ago

@dogwithhotdog 74 million baby boomers alive and you couldn't find one to use in your stupid meme?

dogwithhotdog 11 hours ago

@MentORPHEUS How to deal with boomers

Dream 11 hours ago

@Ironeyes I'll let you know when I do!

Ironeyes 11 hours ago

@Dream How much more do you need to be laughed at until you move on with your life?

GayLubeOil 12 hours ago

@RedRum this is bullet point copypasta of the Authoritarian Personality

Dream 13 hours ago

The Vichy Male (Pt.1): The Betrayer In Our Midst https://trp.red/t/2dm

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