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My girl found a place down there, can’t remember where though, for chopper hunting pigs with full autos...
They really want those things dead
Yeah there are a ton of those type places around Texas
I’m a way it bugs me though, because of the profiteering from the invasive species, vs eradicating them
It would be like making a fortune off of the rat problem in NYC
Welcome to Texas, the land of guns and capitalism, and way too many hogs to keep contained apparently
more pigs = more bacon
A bounty on pigs might be a good thing, but that creates some perverse incentives too
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replacemenwithalphas00 8 hours ago

Some chicks, when you catch them staring it's like yeah of course you've only been looking at the wall right behind me all along lmao

bear-with-bit about a day ago

@jwayne sounded like he was trying desperately to be reasonable with an evil, selfish child who ironically shares custody with his actual child.

tb87670 about a day ago

@MentORPHEUS Then you see a video of a guy blowing veins over being called Fredo and wonder about how the world would be better if the common garden variety of leftist SJW's didn't get any airtime.

destraht about a day ago

The local girls love Polish guys and I have an unlimited source of them. So I'm trying to get value by giving it. We need to collect several core local girls to come regularly and flirt with the Poles. They'll have friends, etc. Really its not a problem at all though and sooner or later we'll need to become exclusive on who is coming.

destraht about a day ago

This place is dope because it has a back room with a toilet and a basement. We're putting off the basement work until next year. I'm eyeing a 55" and 60" TV for movies and Gamecube, Wii and PS2 emulation. We will be adding a normal door to the leftmost double door this week or next. For smaller gatherings or poor weather we'll use the normal door and the doubles for parties.

destraht about a day ago

First garage party. A group of Poles showed up and everyone was drunk as shit. I'll heading out for a week or so while my partner does some remodeling. Everyone is extremely pumped out the place and the location. It will actually be something of a business that should fund our parties for the year. It will be more of an authentic Soviet garage party business in the Summer and more local in Winter.

jwayne about a day ago

@bear-with-bit how did the conversation go?

bear-with-bit about a day ago

Overheard a call b/t a man and what seems to his ex wife / mother of his kid. Jesus Protein Christ, and I thought my childless failed marriage was hard. Dodged a bullet for sure.

destraht 2 days ago

You see fucked up looking 8 year old girls and starving family dogs then you know that you are in the shit. Its not necessarily the worst kind of nasty but shit about what is respected. The energy and calories are almost always here - easy. Its just, do they give a fuck. What are the values. Often enough they just don't give a fuck all for shit. Stop projecting your values onto third world losers.

destraht 2 days ago

You can know almost of the things about a people by looking at just two things; how do they treat their dogs and how do they treat their little girls. How old are the girls before they lose their glimmer. Is it 8, 10, 12 or dating age? It matters. Are the dogs fat and happy or starving. Boys will be fed but what about the weak and not immediately useful?

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