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I'm kindof new to all of this, just an omega male trying to leave that omega male state xD
ha yeah true that
you lift?
you need to lift.
not yet
ohh ok
I plan to start :)

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What's New

alpha-secretase 2 hours ago

@adam-l It's nice to justify things through emotions

adam-l 4 hours ago

The reason psychopaths adore the female game is not that they feel special by winning it. It is that they feel normal by playing it.

bear-with-bit 15 hours ago

Why Women and Men can't be friends-- Or proof women suffer from cognitive dissonance https://trp.red/t/19i

JohannesFactotum 23 hours ago

@RPFerro There is a long way before the general public understands these technologies so there is still a lot of untapped demand. Every time a government's currency fails more people adopt these alternatives. But I would prefer they grow no faster than 3%/year to avoid bubbles.

RPFerro 23 hours ago

@JohannesFactotum with huge gains in the value of crypto $ in the last few months, do you think a bubble is forming or has the party barely gotten started?

GayLubeOil about a day ago

I think we as Red Pill Men have an obligation to express our support for Robert Fisher. He's probably dealing with a lot of bullshit and he needs to remember that hundreads of thousands of men are on his side.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a day ago
JohannesFactotum about a day ago

And here I was thinking that ZEC was leaving ETH dead in the water, when I last looked at ETH was trading ~$125, is now approaching $200 as well. Let's also not forget also BTC being up 27% in the last week.

JohannesFactotum about a day ago

@dr_warlock Righteous anger by far is better than the inarticulate rage boiling beneath the skin of the average bloopie once they nibble on the red pill. TRP gave me a way to fly-on-the-wall myself and observe reality instead of what I previously believed. Was still angry, and it still took time to season the wisdom.

JohannesFactotum about a day ago

@SlamSlask JPMorgan announced partnership with Z.cash developers. https://trp.red/t/19h

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