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staring at me.
i left her the fuck be, because i have pussy on tap.
if you told me this story, and you told me you didnt say waddup and hit her with the gimmedemdigitsma routine, i'd be railing you.
fwiw, i thought about asking her name and pursuing a friendship since it takes a hell of a ho to be at the gym at 1200 on a friday night by herself.
guys is the_donald down for anyone else?
the whole rest of reddit seems to be up but the_donald is down for me
where anteros at

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What's New

redpillschool 5 minutes ago

Hey @Rollo-Tomassi, hoping to hear back on my latest email. We're quickly approaching.

Runawaygrain 11 hours ago

@RedRum I've noticed that a lot of the ECs seem to be older and went through some hard knocks, like myself. Some kid like that is just slinging movie and TV references left and right just makes it easy to guess where most of his upbringing came from. It's kind of sad that we have a subset of kids that can't even fathom enjoying sunshine.

RedRum 12 hours ago

@redpillschool for already established ECs this is no problem. But looking at the new content writers like /u/CaptainCringeWorthy and a few others, it's apparent where the interests are.

0xdada 12 hours ago

@redpillschool do you guys keep a best-of for removed comments? maybe a secret subreddit where they get funneled?

redpillschool 12 hours ago

@RedRum I don't think that's an accurate portrayal. There's a small number of whiners that we ban every week but I don't think it's much different. We remove hundreds of shit posts a week.

RedRum 13 hours ago

@blue_dover the market in the redpill sub isn't good right now. Members are getting suspicious of ECs sexual expertise authenticity and other flared members. It's as if they're all jealous. The purple pill mindset is dominate. Notice the sub has put an emphasis on LTRs in the last year. If I did post topics, it would be buried.

blue_dover 13 hours ago

@RedRum When are you making a profile? You got SEC level material to share

Bancroft 14 hours ago

Ambivalence is not in a woman's vocabulary. She'll spend her last waking hours on Earth to determine "what it means" and "if this is right". She may occasionally rely on actual fact and reasoning but to her, those are secondary to what's most important to her: "Deciding" what actions gain pleasure or remove pain from her AND only her.

Bancroft 14 hours ago

Unlike men that can separate objective value from emotion, a woman's actions toward you are solely based on how she feels about you and the topic. She can't live with the dissonance of "liking" something she doesn't feel "right" about. And unlike men, women only have two sides to their coin: Good or bad, like or dislike. Just like a child

Solitary_Wolf 14 hours ago

@GayLubeOil the future CEO comment made me laugh

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