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As fuck
someone should unban enderman lol
lol is right
oh the script is probably dumb and just looking at ident.
man great joke

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revengerence about an hour ago

Its not “who” you are which matters to a woman, its “what” you are. What you represent and what benefit you provide her by association.

GayLubeOil 3 hours ago

That awkward moment when God makes you have sex with your son wife https://trp.red/t/1d5

Rollo-Tomassi 5 hours ago

@redpillschool This was my dress-down of Artful: https://trp.red/t/1d4

Rollo-Tomassi 5 hours ago

@-Anteros- Artful is the textbook definition of what Vox & Krauser call a Secret King: https://trp.red/t/1d3

Rollo-Tomassi 5 hours ago

@GayLubeOil Is Artful a mod on MGTOW? That'd explain a lot.

redpillschool 10 hours ago

@-Anteros- @Rollo-Tomassi This kid clearly doesn't understand what to do with information once he gets it. I find anything that widens my worldview to be worthwhile. Some puzzle pieces take years before I figure out how they fit and how to act on them.

revengerence 11 hours ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Its really funny how he(and all those who upvote him) think that rollo is a guy who stumbled on the redpill sub, read for a bit, and then proceeded to write a blog.

-Anteros- 12 hours ago

@Rollo-Tomassi The poor kid is clearly drugged up and has too much time on his hands. Its not a legitimate criticism, its a ramble about how he wants hand held instead of thinking for himself and taking action. Next thing you know, he will feign surprise about approaching. I've seen it a thousand times.

GayLubeOil 21 hours ago

@Rollo-Tomassi kinda strange a man attacking you for being half actualized while being moderator of MGTOW.

Rollo-Tomassi 22 hours ago

Artful,…Autistful man's posts stick out like a turd in a punch bowl: https://trp.red/t/1d2

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