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Trust & Safety - Sample 1. Typo-MAGAshiv
Published 04/01/23 by redpillschool [1 Comments]

As part of our ongoing investigation into maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our users, we have collected a number of samples that were discovered by our algorithms and our team. In the spirit of transparency, we are releasing the details of some of the samples we found.

Sample 1. Typo-MAGAshiv


When it comes to spamming with puns, Typo-MAGAshiv is the un-crowned king of groan. This spambot sets out to sell an in-game currency (called "virgin coins") using outdated puns, but much like its namesake, it's a series of typo-riffic blunders that are more like a game of "miss and pun-ishment."

Our analysis unveils a spamtastic world where the punchlines fall flatter than a pancake on a steamroller. Typo-MAGAshiv's jokes are so ancient, they probably predate Pong. Expect Public Square pun-derstorms about pay-phones VHS tapes, dial-up internet and floppy disks, because this bot is stuck in a byte-gone era. One might say Typo-MAGAshiv's comedic flair is akin to a derailed train - completely off track and unable to gain momentum.

Typo-MAGAshiv is the spam-bard of dad jokes gone awry. Its humor is so unbearable, but in an odd way, that's what makes it spamtacular. If you ever find yourself yearning for a comically disastrous experience, keep an eye on the forums for the typo-ridden escapades of Typo-MAGAshiv, for example:

As it is plainly obvious, this user is patently unfunny and does not have the capability for reading the room, as it has no awareness and cannot possibly be cognizant.

Our discoveries include the following AI Patterns:

  • 95% of user's posts are indistinguishable from garbage you see written on bathroom stalls
  • There is no sign user is cognizant or has the mental faculty to process emotion or thought
  • User has submitted over 6,000 statuses, which is unachievable by anybody living a life.

Conclusion: Groan-a-thon 3000

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Comment by Typo-MAGAshiv on 04/01/23 09:16pm

95% of user's posts are indistinguishable from garbage you see written on bathroom stalls

For a good time, call Jenny: 867-5309