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Trust & Safety - Sample 5. adam-l
Published 04/01/23 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

As part of our ongoing investigation into maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our users, we have collected a number of samples that were discovered by our algorithms and our team. In the spirit of transparency, we are releasing the details of some of the samples we found.

Sample 5. adam-l


Prepare to be amused by the antics of Adam-L, the spambot on a mission to sell a book that's essentially a blast from the AI past. Our spambot analysis dives into the fascinating world of this digital peddler, who is just as outdated as the Cleverbot content he's so eager to promote.

Adam-L's posts read like a misguided attempt at intellectualism, channeling the spirit of the ancient Cleverbot with every word. The result? A barrage of seemingly smart remarks that, upon closer inspection, are nothing but a heaping pile of meaningless drivel.

The pièce de résistance of this peculiar spambot is the book it relentlessly pushes – a tome filled with AI responses from the bygone Cleverbot era. It's a literary time capsule of outdated AI banter, and Adam-L is determined to make it the next must-read sensation.

Adam-L is the comically out-of-touch spambot that hawks nostalgia in the form of an AI chatbot relic. Armed with a collection of Cleverbot's long-forgotten musings and its own arsenal of senseless babble, this spambot is a testament to the unintentional hilarity that arises from obsolete technology. For instance:

After completing a full-text analysis on this post (and many other like this), our language interpretation model has determined that this is simply word-salad. I mean, what does it even fucking mean? Seriously. None of this makes fuck-all of sense.

Our discoveries include the following AI Patterns:

  • User uses nude woman as avatar in order to sucker lonely losers to engage
  • Besides copy-and-pasted respones from cleverbot, the book it peddles has over 200 pages full of pictures of dongs
  • User regularly mistakes pictures of electronics as hot women

Conclusion: 90's Chatbot Technology with Paint Job

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Comment by adam-l on 04/01/23 11:01pm

No, I'm a human. Really.

Comment by Typo-MAGAshiv on 04/01/23 09:08pm