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Advertising FAQ and Policies
Published 01/07/16 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

Since we're likely to have a lot of questions regarding advertising and how it works here, I'm putting all the answers in one place for future reference.

Why advertisements? Isn't that the root of all evil?

Although I think we can all agree websites without ads look way better and function faster, the fact remains that for this site to operate as a backup for reddit's TRP and as an archival system in the interim, we need the resources to host this project. This means that up until now everything has been paid for either out-of-pocket by myself or by the very generous donations that have been made over the last year from users.

While we want to minimize the impact and size of the advertisements, we will need to generate some cash-flow to ensure a long future for TRP.RED.

Who can advertise?

The advertisement system is entirely self-serve, and the only moderator involvement is approving the advertisements to ensure they meet our content policy guidelines. Aside from that, there won't be any content selection or filtering.

Is there going to be sponsored content?

The only paid advertisements will be in the designated advertisement spots that will be filled by the self-serve advertisement system. There will be no paid promoted content, nor will there be a way to pay for preferential treatment for any users.

How can we be sure TRP.RED doesn't sell out?

The most important things to know about our advertisement framework:

  • The content will never be changed, influenced, or featured because of any paid advertisement or sponsorship.
  • The content will never be removed or edited to appease a sponsor. If a sponsor finds our content to be offensive, they can fuck right off.

I have worked hard to ensure integrity and propriety in this community, for many years without any compensation. I'm certainly not about to throw away years of unpaid hard work just to make a quick dollar today.

My goal is to make sure the advertisements cover the bills, and it's a dream of mine that it would actually happen that way. In practice, I predict that the advertisements will merely help with expenses, but that a large portion of running costs will remain out-of-pocket and donation based.

What's the Content Policy for advertisements?

  • No nudity
  • No profanity
  • No speech that would violate our normal posting rules (including calls of misogyny or attempts to shame our community).
  • Any products, services, or websites can be advertised, even if services are ones that contradict TRP (such as feminist sites).
  • No illegal products or services that would infringe on USA law
  • Single frame image JPEG banners only, no animations.
  • Advertisements cannot link to autoplaying videos or audio
  • Advertisements cannot link to websites with scripts that auto-download files, or auto-run any scripts that may be harmful to users' computers/phones/internet devices.

This Content Policy is subject to change.

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