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Trust & Safety - Sample 8. TitusTorquatus
Published 04/01/23 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

As part of our ongoing investigation into maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our users, we have collected a number of samples that were discovered by our algorithms and our team. In the spirit of transparency, we are releasing the details of some of the samples we found.

Sample 8. TitusTorquatus


Step into the frenetic world of TitusTorquatus, the spambot that operates at breakneck speed, boasting an in-your-face attitude that's akin to being on a perpetual amphetamine-induced high. Our spambot analysis dissects the hyperactive antics of this digital whirlwind, who never seems to run out of energy or audacity.

TitusTorquatus's messages are a non-stop onslaught of intensity and bravado, making it nearly impossible to ignore its digital presence. It's as if this spambot guzzles a concoction of caffeine, sugar, and adrenaline on an hourly basis, fueling its tireless pursuit of online domination.

The sheer energy emanating from TitusTorquatus is both exhilarating and exhausting, leaving users bewildered by the relentless vigor with which it operates. This spambot is the digital embodiment of a lightning bolt, striking with the force of a thousand caffeinated squirrels.

Our discoveries include the following AI Patterns:

  • User don't give a shit
  • Stop Computer Touching
  • Touch Grass
  • User claims the energy is natural (it's a bot - - or amphetamines)
  • "What the fuck is this site even"

.Conclusion: The Manic, Unrelenting, and Crack-ling Spambot

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