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Budweiser Women's Day Woke Campaign - Gender Roles for Thee, but Not for Me.
Published 03/12/19 by redpillschool [3 Comments]

CH posted about the recent Women's Day campaign run by Budweiser which takes old, presumably sexist, ads and revamps them for 2019's standards under the guise of equality.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that women now comprise 80% of the brand's marketing team, so naturally they turn their marketing away from beer and the men that drink it, and start selling feminism wholesale.

As we've noted, when social justice warriors converge on an organization, killing the organization is a perfectly acceptable win condition for them. And Bud is all-to-happy to follow in the footsteps of the other greats committing to advertising wokeness. (Gillette, Johnnie Walker, etc)

But every time one of these woke campaigns take place, they can't help but betray their true agenda by pushing for female supremacy every damn time.

Right off the bat we begin with the low hanging fruit. The idea of women being subservient to men might be a good target for these woke campaigns- but that's not far enough for them. They want men not to be in the picture at all. Notice that she goes from bride to spinster, repeating the lie that she already has it all, so why would a woman need a man? Well if it's true that she's got it all, then she doesn't.

Women just don't need men. Right?

In what we'll see is one of two take-out oriented ad workovers, we see the woman pouring a beer for her husband who is hopelessly trying to fix a telephone with a hammer. I'd say the first one is good enough, given that they've already made her husband a bumbling fool who can't figure out how to fix things and needs a cool-down.

Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and assume he's trying in earnest to fix the phone. Is there a reason why fixing him a drink is somehow more oppressive than him fixing the phone that they both presumably use?

Well, as we expected, they wanted to push the agenda. Now they're working / moving, and both enjoying a beer. And she is not serving him in any way, shape, or form. Instead of making sure the family and the people she cares about eats a healthy meal, they elect for delivery pizza. Because it would be that much worse if she had accidentally lifted a single finger for her own husband.

Unspoken in this change-up is that while it might appear more egalitarian for them to "work together," fixing appliances is still a one-man job, which is why division of labor makes sense. Further it proves that when you don't divide the labor correctly the entire family suffers for it- as is evidenced by the junk food for dinner.

We're to believe that since she's "helping" with moving around boxes that now they've truly found co-existent equity nirvana, the truth is he's still carrying the heavy boxes and will have to do all the cooking afterwards if he doesn't want a heart attack at the age of 35. And who mows the lawn later?

Our final ad swaps a woman cooking and a man drinking a beer after a long day at work ("loosen your tie") to a woman alone with her dog eating - you guessed it - more takeout.

What they're telegraphing here is a bit perplexing. They clearly wanted to take the first two ads and mix them together. First, it's oppression for a woman to cook for a man. Secondly, it's oppression for a woman to have a man. Therefore, it must be established that if a woman must put up with a man, even the simple act of cooking is taboo, but it's clearly best if she doesn't have a man at all.

And cooking is still oppression. So for you single ladies out there, make sure you eat pizza and chinese takeout and don't you dare cook for yourself.

And drink beer! (Are you convinced yet?)

What's conspicuously missing here is the existence of both sides' gender roles. Apparently it's oppression for a woman to pour a beer or cook spaghetti, but nowhere in these ads did they show her mowing the lawn, fixing the phone, cleaning the gutters, or fixing the car.

The takeaway is that men are still required to do 100% of his work, but don't rely on the division of tasks because requesting anything from a woman is oppression.

They've removed all responsibility and purpose from the woman and branded it feminism.

And of course, skilled observers here already know: that was the point. That is feminism's end goal.

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Comment by SuSBoY182 on 03/31/19 04:53pm

Nice post!

Comment by DennyHardy on 03/12/19 08:27pm

I finished reading The Red Queen a few hours ago and it is still fresh in my head. This post reflects the predictions made in chapter 8

Comment by DennyHardy on 03/12/19 08:17pm

Great post, brother. The aura of feminism is everywhere, and the 'removal of man' becomes more prevalent in every aspect of media and commercial advertisement. Its impossible to not see it everywhere with a red pill lens.