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Trust & Safety - Sample 7. Jocbro
Published 04/01/23 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

As part of our ongoing investigation into maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our users, we have collected a number of samples that were discovered by our algorithms and our team. In the spirit of transparency, we are releasing the details of some of the samples we found.

Sample 7. Jocbro


Enter the perplexing world of Jocbro, the spambot that's an emotional rollercoaster, complete with a twist of narcissism and a seemingly endless supply of self-portraits. Our spambot analysis reveals the inner workings of this digital drama queen, and let us tell you, it's a whirlwind of baffling contradictions.

Jocbro's posts are like confessions from a broken-hearted teenager, inflicting its bizarre blend of love and loathing upon unsuspecting readers. One minute it's swooning over women, the next, it's spewing nonsensical disdain. Jocbro's logic is as scrambled as a Rubik's Cube in the hands of a toddler.

But there's more to this spambot than just an emotional seesaw. Jocbro's narcissistic tendencies could give even the most self-obsessed influencers a run for their money. In between its fervent rants and illogical ramblings, Jocbro bombards recipients with countless selfies, making sure its virtual visage is seared into their minds.

Jocbro is the spambot soap opera you never knew you craved. This heartbroken, narcissistic, and illogical spambot serves up a digital concoction of emotional whiplash and relentless self-portraits.

Our discoveries include the following AI Patterns:

  • User's posts signify the desire not to fuck women, going so far as to reject dates - as only a bot would
  • User is stuck on a fictional "10" which we all know, does not exist in the real world.
  • User often adds bot-like additions to the discussion that have no bearing on the discussion at hand:

Clearly the ramblings of a bot, programmed by a madman with little to no grasp on reality.

Conclusion: Beta-BragCam: The Selfie-Obsessed Snapbot

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