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Tipping System FAQ
Published 01/07/16 by redpillschool [5 Comments]

How does tipping work? It's quite simple actually.

How do I get tipping credits so I can show my appreciation?

When you click on the tip user link next to a blog post or status post that you like, if you do not have any credits, it will prompt you to purchase more. You can also check your credit balance and purchase more from your account settings page.

Credits can only be purchased through paypal, though you do not necessarily need a paypal account to check out, you will need either a major credit/debit card or a linked bank account to purchase credits.

What happens when I tip somebody, what do they get?

Our goal is to get as much money to content producers as possible. Because of transaction fees and cost of running the site, the tip that author will receive will be the value of the credit less (30% + transaction fees). If you purchase more credits at a time, the transaction fees are much smaller per credit. The current minimum will be 5 credits at a time.

Why do you guys take a chunk?

We hope that the tipping system will encourage writers to share quality content with the community and help the community to show gratitude. Both of these services are ancillary to the main forums which we intend to use as a backup for the reddit.com's theredpill subreddit (in the case of an emergency).

If, in the future, we are required to leave reddit, the traffic generated on our servers will rise, hopefully to the level the original subreddit was reaching. This may increase our costs considerably.

Because of this, we need to collect funds to ensure the costs and expenses of running this site are covered and that we have emergency funds available for an influx of visitors in such a case.

How do I get paid as an Author?

While the tipping purchase system supports paypal, the payout system will be using ONLY bitcoin. The reasons for this are numerous, but mostly for the protection of anonymity. After much deliberation, we have decided to use only bitcoin to avoid any potential issues with maintaining or even having personal records. Our contributors will remain entirely anonymous.

In order to receive your credit payouts, you must go to your account settings page and add a payout bitcoin address to your profile. Payouts will happen between the 1st and 5th of each month for the collected tips for the month before.

We urge you to register your bitcoin address before the clock strikes midnight on the first, or you may miss the payout batch for that month.

The address only needs to be set once and will be used for the life of the account. You can always update it, however, if you want to register a new address.

If you would prefer, however, not to receive funds, but rather donate them to the server fund, you can simply leave your bitcoin address blank. We do not store tips for your account after a payout. If no bitcoin address is registered by then, tips will automatically be transferred into the server fund.

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Comment by Bateman on 04/19/19 03:46pm

you should set up a monero payment processor to enable anonymous donations. bitcoin does not protect the privacy of its users.

Comment by redpillschool on 03/06/16 05:58pm

Agreed. We will set up a bitcoin payment processor in the next few weeks.

Comment by AbioticFountain on 03/06/16 05:31am

How do you set up a bitcoin account?

Comment by RedBigMan on 03/05/16 08:12pm

I will agree with @redpillbanana.

Paypal will cut off access to accounts for stupid things too. I know a bunch of people who used to sell porn through Paypal got their accounts deleted and such. I'm sure it wont happen to us at least at first but still better safe than sorry. Make sure you keep as much money outside of paypal as possible because money in paypal is always at risk.

Comment by redpillbanana on 03/05/16 08:47am

Suggestion: switch over to Bitcoin. Using Paypal requires users to reveal their true identities.

Also Paypal has been known to cut off account access to websites that the establishment doesn't like, e.g. Wikileaks (they were probably legally required to cut access).