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300,000 Subscribers. The Reddit Administration Tacitly Endorses Male Abuse and Denies its Victims
Published 09/30/18 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

EDIT: Reddit admin have just recanted their endorsement of Michael Kimmel- see here. Things just got a little crazier....

300,000 Subscribers. The Reddit Administration Tacitly Endorses Male Abuse and Denies its Victims

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already well aware that this week we hit 300,000 subscribers and Reddit Admin decided to “quarantine” /r/TheRedPill subreddit. This means that previous subscribers won’t see posts show up on their home page. New users won’t know we exist. You must type in the address and read an administrator endorsement of their counter-theory to TRP and accept the dangers of reading wrong-think before you can enter. If you try to do this on mobile, it lies and says the subreddit has gone private, innodating the modmail with requests for access so mod duties are effectively shut down because we can no longer attend to our daily mod duties.

It means that we cannot see how many subscribers we have, lest weak minds such as yours be convinced of alternative viewpoints – not based on argument or reason- but instead simply the number of people talking about it.

You’ll notice the Reddit admin team were kind enough to leave us a message on our new splash page and sidebar giving us notice that we presumably were a forum about toxic masculinity, but that they, and only they, are the purveyors of positive masculinity. They then explicitly endorse Stony Brook University Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities whose executive director is Michael Kimmel.

One of Michael Kimmel’s crowning achievements is to try to debunk that men are victims of domestic violence. He goes on to suggest that some evidence is simply false, that female-on-male violence is just different, and that it is men who lose control, women are provoked.

From an interview with Cassie Jaye:

It is not true, […] that there's gender symmetry in domestic violence. That women hit men as much as men hit women.

Go ahead and watch the video- this quote is not out of context. While he doesn’t deny some men are victims, he really doubts the numbers. And the Reddit Admin have just ENDORSED THIS MAN. Whoops.

I’m trying to remember where else I’ve heard hateful people doubting numbers of victims….

There is overwhelming proof that men are victims of domestic violence at least as much as women, if not more. Controlling for all violence, men surpass women as victims entirely, making the distinction of “domestic” misleading when men are by all means the target of the majority all violence and the victims of almost all murders No biggie, Michael Kimmel, it’s an easy oversight to make WHEN YOU HATE MEN.

Reddit tells us that Stony Brook should give us insight into positive masculinity, but Stony’s front page only has one reference to positive masculinity in the fight against domestic violence. And that’s for men to join as allies in preventing violence against women. That’s right men, FUCK YOU THAT YOU MAKE UP 78% OF MURDER VICTIMS, FUCK YOU THAT YOU MADE UP 59% OF VIOLENT CRIME VICTIMS, FUCK YOU THAT 93% OF WORKPLACE DEATHS ARE MEN Yes, that’s right. /u/spez thinks that little of you that he wants your masculinity to be defined not by fighting these truths, but by sacrificing yourself to prevent violence against women.

Look, I couldn’t have developed a story that confirms our theories any better than the reddit admin did. We’ve been saying this for a long time. Our society has been trying to define and frame masculinity under their own definitions and terms for a long time.

There is no female analog for the phrase “positive masculinity.” This is because it’s SEXISM to frame an entire gender as toxic simply for being until they act to rise above it. But Reddit Admin, you done fucked up and just called men TOXIC because they were born that way. I’m sure you can see the irony here since you guys apparently think we’re the sexist ones. But you know what, I think women are born inherently good, just like men. Where does that fit into your theory? (It doesn’t)

We have always taught here to be wary of anybody trying to sell you their framing of masculinity. The only person who gets to choose what it means to them to be their gender is –you.

We focus a lot on what qualities help you with sexual and professional success. And in a way we do frame masculinity to some degree. But we also make it clear that how you use this information is your choice. You define what it is to be a man. You can take the advice here or not, nobody can take away your masculinity. Nobody can tell you you’re not a man. Nobody can tell you that your born sexual characteristics are inherently toxic. And nobody here will prevent you from reading alternative opinions to that.

Well, I mean /u/spez thinks he can. But he really didn’t think much about it before linking. Maybe they made a kickback from it. Or maybe he just asked his phone “okay google how do I become real good man okay thx” and linked the first result. I’d like to think he’s more competent than that. But this move by their admin really makes me wonder.

Reddit is censoring us. This much we know. A quarantine is a form of censorship. We haven’t broken any rules and they know it. Our crack team of moderators are quick to the draw on any content bordering on against reddit’s TOS. This censorship is purely ideological. As is evidenced by their endorsement of Michael Kimmel. They simply do not like what we say.

The Admin really don’t get it, do they? The reason we are growing so massively and gaining so much traction is because we make well-reasoned arguments and defend our points. Censorship, well, that’s basically the antithesis of reasoned discourse. Who did they think they were going to be able to convince with this stunt?

I challenge the admin, /u/spez, or anybody on their team to engage me in courteous, reasoned discussion to defend their assertions and endorsements this week, or to apologize and lift the quarantine. I promise to keep it 100% civil in an all-text debate of ideas with anybody on the reddit administration. I get the feeling nobody is going to be taking me up on this offer. This would be the action of somebody with integrity. I’m sure Michael Kimmel could make an argument that integrity is part of positive masculinity. /u/spez, you don’t want to be toxic do you?

The fact is, they don’t have a well reasoned argument. They have an ideology and a social programming that makes them feel bad when exposed to ideas they don’t understand and can’t fully disagree with. Censoring us is akin to throwing over the chess board because you were losing and don’t know how to use the pieces.

The official notice from Reddit happened at the exact time the Quarantine took place. The reason for our quarantine is as follows:

In this case the quarantine was applied for the high degree of misogyny present in this subreddit. To be removed from quarantine, you may present an appeal here. The appeal should include a detailed accounting of changes to community moderation practices. (Appropriate changes may vary from community to community and could include techniques such as adding more moderators, replacing certain moderators, creating new rules, employing more aggressive auto-moderation tools, adjusting community styling, etc.) The appeal should also offer evidence of sustained, consistent enforcement of these changes over a period of at least one month, demonstrating meaningful community transformation.

You’ll notice that they do not give specific examples of offending material, or any concrete steps we could take to mitigate this. This is because the phrase misogyny is nebulous and holds a definition only to those who use it. There is no actual definition of misogyny, and therefore no way to defend against it.

Do I hate women? I do not. Do you? I sure would think people who actually hate women probably wouldn’t spend this much time and energy trying to become attractive to women and meeting them. But that’s what you get when words no longer have definitions.

We’ve been accused of an undefined crime, using an unpublished rule book and given a fake set of steps we can take to resolve this problem, all to present a facade of propriety and fairness. I don’t think they’re fooling anybody.

Our Timeline

First of all, I want the community to know we will be appealing this decision. But it’s evident by the setup of the entire event that their private appeals process is a kangaroo court. We will be appealing via Public Letter and we will ensure all response to this will be published. Stay tuned for our appeal.

We will be soft-launching https://Forums.Red posting capabilities over the next week or so, but we will not be locking the forum on reddit. We will be doing this to test stability and new features. Our long-term goal is to stay on Reddit. We are going to do our best to do so, pending administration cooperation.

Notwithstanding, we will be moving forward with an eventual full opening of our trp.red / forums.red platform. We are focused on some major new improvements including the forums, a new tribes feature (for private groups), and more.

We will continue the archival process of /r/TheRedPill, /r/AskTRP, /r/RedPillWomen. We are working our way from top-voteded posts downwards.

If you would like to support our work making this happen and the associated costs, our Patreon is now here.

We also have a bitcoin address for donations. 1Hyyva2G5aCJwNqYToGoCCGATVNMB81zk7

Finally, we are asking moderators of other subs and other reddit members to stand in solidarity with us. Although you may not agree with what we are saying, I believe that we can all unite behind defending free speech and anti-censorship. Because of this we are calling for a massive, reddit-wide boycott, for just 1 hour. November 1st at 4:00pm PDT. Join our petition now


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Comment by Rocket-J-Toad on 09/30/18 09:17pm

I deleted my reddit account and removed all links to that site from my computer and phone. I don't need reddit to be red pilled.

Comment by Doctordinglefuck on 09/30/18 07:52pm

Yeah, its rough. Alex jones gets censored, the redpill gets censored, everything on the right is suddenly being censored en masse throughout the entire internet. One must wonder -- who is doing all this censoring of right wing ideas? Why are they doing it?