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The Extra Chromosome 21 Convention
Published 05/02/19 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

Occasionally we get some aggressive or persistent spammers on our board that require a heavier touch of the mod tools. In full disclosure, I want to talk about the guy "Dream" from the 21 Conventions that he puts on, and his behavior here on TRP, and how the mod team has decided to handle it.

For as long as I've known about him, Dream has had a habit of drive-by posting low-effort videos and announcements of his grand events. When I say low effort, I mean he either spams us with content from his youtube channel, or posts an attempt to get us to buy tickets to his events, and then leaves for months at a time. He does not stay and engage with the community, and he certainly does not add value to the community.

His content obviously serves one purpose- his goal is to increase his visibility and ramp up his numbers (and sell you tickets) but he does not post with the intention of enriching TRP, he only posts with the intention of enriching himself. And we've got proof that he knows this.

When he posts his shitty car commercial or puts out "alpha soap" commercials (I wish I was kidding), it's obvious that he sees TRP as a means to and end, but does not see TRP as an investment that must be contributed to. This is a marker of hucksters.

Now, don't get me wrong- I actually really support the idea of somebody putting together a conference (or anything) that's strictly for men, by men. The idea of growing the community and helping men network is something I'm personally very invested in. The idea behind a conference is not what I'm taking exception to here. Our mod team generally gives a lot of leeway to anybody attempting to put forth good-faith effort to enrich the manosphere or TRP in general.

But when you do this, you need to have respect for the platforms that you engage with. (Or, heck, just try engaging them at all.)

Dream drive-by posts advertisements and calls it quality content, then leaves, completely ignoring the hierarchies and methods of gaining respect in our community: you don't get recognition without putting in the time to cultivate and contribute quality content that benefits the community.

You've probably noticed that's why we give members like u/gaylubeoil some slack on selling t-shirts. Because he cares about the community and puts in the time and effort to make this a better place. If we told him 'no' to selling t-shirts, he would still contribute to our cause because he sees the bigger picture.

Dream, on the other hand, does not.

My few brief interactions with Dream have been quite disappointing to say the least. Despite my respect for a number of members he's invited to speak - including Rollo and Rian, my interactions with Dream have put into question what his intentions are and whether he has the skill-set to accomplish his goals.

His lack of social skills or awareness put in doubt that he's an able leader of men who could steer anybody in the right direction - let alone men in need of help.

When confronted with friendly reminders of how our forums work (and how to succeed here) he instantly goes into super-ego-protection mode and lashes out, insulting the very people from whom he is asking for help. Sprinkle in some delusions of grandeur and a heavy dose of bravado and you get this:

(To RPW Mods)

"Your sub is a joke. It doesn't have to be, but you keep it that way by banning anyone with an edge. Very sad. I'll fix it for you ladies in a few years."

Followed by:

"Can you unban me temporarily? I have a major announcement to make this week for red pill women."

How anybody can be so completely unaware is astounding. Delusion is too weak of a word.

His lack of social awareness isn't limited to his dealings with us... the alpha soap commercials and the fast cars convention commercial all lack a critical self-awareness, and only serve high-level amounts of cringe that I suspect can only be achieved by the aspergeriest of aspies.

But even if his heart was in the right place (in spite of the terrible execution) we cannot look past the fact that these conventions cost a whopping $1500-$2000 per ticket. One might think this guy is pocketing some serious cash at the expense of our community. And one would be right- he self admits it to TRP mods in modmail (he just can't help himself but to brag):

"And I've been doing is since 2006 at 17 years old after finding the manosphere in 2005. [...] I'm done giving a fuck. I'm a millionaire running 3 businesses. You can get behind what we're doing or eat a dick."

One might take a second to ponder... if this is all he's done since 17 and now he's a millionare.. where do you think that money comes from? Of course, this is provided he's actually a millionaire, which let's face it, most millionaires don't have to brag about it.

In fact, most people who are actually successful don't have to brag about it.

"I grew up with 2 sisters, have cold approached 7,000 women, and banged several."

Gentlemen, I smell a huckster. If he's getting even a little rich off these conventions, that means he's overpricing these tickets to pocket as much as he can under the guise of "helping" men. And lets face it. Newcomers to the manosphere are often vulnerable guys who simply don't know what they don't know yet.

And he has the gall to try to run his tricks here on TRP. Not on my fucking watch. No way, no how.

What's funny is, if he had social skills, he could have been cooperative and friendly and likely managed to forge a relationship of trust with our community. But he's too busy running his mouth to realize how many bridges he's burning.

Read my temp-ban private message to him regarding the fast cars commercial

His full reply a few months later:

Thanks for your patience. Been busy setting up 3 conventions this year, we're a few days out from the patriarch event. I appreciate the stickied speeches and announcements.

It's unclear what is considered "spam" and what isn't. These seem to be referee calls made on the fly rather than strict adherence to a specific policy. That's understandable given that my companies and content walk a fine line between business and organization for men. The event tickets costing 3 to 4 digits, and then the speeches publishing for free, are the best example of this issue in action.

You didnt like Sharks and Patriarchs in terms of value. What about Sons of Patriarchy? That's a bit longer and more interesting. What about Gender Wars Episode II with Elliott Hulse? That's nearly 2 hours long. All of these videos promote our events, and IMO, have value. They are the most well produced videos in the entire history of the manosphere. Why not allow the subscribers decide what to upvote or downvote? Unless and until it presents a serious and obvious problem I don't see the issue with that policy in relation to our content.

TRP can help these videos go viral on Youtube and reach new men who need the red pill. That is part of why they are produced the way they are. That Lambo trailer broke 150,000 views across all platforms. New men were exposed because it was so triggering and well done. This is something the community should decide, not you.

21 Studios owns a majority of both The 21 Convention and The Red Man Group. This content is not just "good", it represents the most epic events, speeches, and podcasts in the history of the manosphere. Period. They blow every single competitor out of the water. Most sucked or otherwise gave up. Making content at this scale, intensity, frequency, and quality within the manosphere is seriously difficult.

And I've been doing is since 2006 at 17 years old after finding the manosphere in 2005.

"Some in our community" sounds like some sour mods and the child of Chernobyl.

I am a proud salesman. I am the best in the world at what I do, my convention rocks. Every dipshit who hasn't attended, yet wants to talk shit can suck my balls. I saw an EC a few months ago qualify his post about 21 with "I dont know anything about it...".
Why do you think Rian and Rollo support 21 so strongly? Rian has never sold a ticket to the convention. He aint doing it for the money. He's attended twice and understands how incredible it is. That's impossible hiding behind a keyboard.

I drive by post because I feel - accurately - that I'm constantly walking on eggshells in this community,one post away from being banned, as I constantly am. RPW, MRP, and temporarily TRP. No more, I'm done giving a fuck. I'm a millionaire running 3 businesses. You can get behind what we're doing or eat a dick.

In fact I challenge you personally to attend 21CON. If you don't like it I'll personally cover your airfare and hotel. If you don't I think you're a weak bitch. That goes for every mod getting this.

I love TRP. It's a powerful idea I stand behind 100% and the best tribe in the manosphere. It's also grown beyond Reddit, onto twitter, blogs, youtube, and 21CON. The leadership here is weak, half the mods are spergs, half the ECs are keyboard warrior frauds like IM.

I'm happy to talk this over face to face btw. I'm a pretty nice guy.

Redpillwomen is a bad joke. They need MWGA. You're hiding it from them. Triple gay.
Have a great day.

It's like reading the rantings of a bi-polar madman. I hate you, I love you, but you're gay, but please help me promote my product!

All of this in conjunction with what I've heard from others (Check out the reason Richard Cooper pulled out of the convention!) I am convinced that Dream is not the type of guy who would lead us in the right directions. He treats all interactions by AMOGing everybody, doesn't understand politics, and burns bridges faster than he can build them.

I very seriously doubt he knows jack shit about the red pill. He's shown through his actions he doesn't.

Just like how he brags about being a millionaire, you can see why he brags about being a good salesman. Because he isn't one.

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Comment by deeplydisturbed on 04/11/21 02:54am

Thanks for being so on top of this. The management of any sub is tricky business. More than a few "fine lines" to draw and moderate.

I see two users here who seem like trolls - or worse, saboteurs. I hope we are able to keep them at bay for at least a while.

Keep up the great work here.

Comment by redpillschool on 06/01/19 08:06pm