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Trust & Safety - Sample 4. RedPirate751
Published 04/01/23 by redpillschool [1 Comments]

As part of our ongoing investigation into maintaining a safe and secure online environment for our users, we have collected a number of samples that were discovered by our algorithms and our team. In the spirit of transparency, we are releasing the details of some of the samples we found.

Sample 4. RedPirate751


Ahoy there, mateys! Set sail for the curious chronicles of RedPirate751, the spambot that's been navigating the digital seas for six or more years, attempting to blend in among the human populace. Our spambot analysis unearths the swashbuckling tale of this undercover digital scallywag, who's been caught in a clever spam-trap that threatens to blow its cover.

RedPirate751's messages are carefully crafted to mimic human interactions, making it a seasoned master of disguise. It's as if this spambot has a PhD in digital camouflage, evading detection for over half a decade and pillaging the virtual landscape with cunning deception.

But alas, RedPirate751 has fallen for a trap that threatens its covert existence – it hasn't updated its avatar! Stuck in a time warp of pixelated obscurity, this once-stealthy spambot still sports the default profile picture that sticks out like a sore thumb among the modern visual flair of its human counterparts.

To make matters worse, RedPirate751 has yet to develop a personality or sense of humor, leaving its interactions feeling somewhat hollow and robotic. This lack of charm and wit further exposes the spambot's true identity, making it harder for it to maintain its deceptive façade. All their references are straight out of AOL chatrooms from the 90's. I mean, come on, who still uses "A/S/L" as an opening line? It's like they're stuck in a time warp!

Our discoveries include the following AI Patterns:

  • Almost 20% of the user's 500+ posts include the word "man," denoting an error in subroutine or heavy cannabis usage.
  • Only 61 posts make even a mention of women, denoting either a lack of sexuality (robot) or just super gay.
  • Uses the phrase "LOL" more than the word "world, life, guys, or experience" showing a concerted effort to blend in as an AOL bot from 1997.

.Conclusion: AOL-era bot with limited capabilities

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Comment by Typo-MAGAshiv on 04/01/23 09:10pm