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Forums.Red and the "Jewish Question"
Published 02/28/19 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

Somebody asked me today if Forums.Red was going to host subforums dedicated to the "Jewish Question" and National Socialism. Here is my response:

I don't personally care about it. I don't think particularly poorly about them for acting as a successful economic bloc. I'm not opposed to the discussion taking place. But I do know that if we were to take on this topic it would put a larger target on our backs than most topics, so it's one I approach with apprehension.

First, I have yet to see a cohesive discussion about the JQ that doesn't simply devolve into name calling and slurs. You can't read a thread on Voat without somebody putting their retarded (((brackets))) around everything as if that is the same as making a cogent point.

My approach to many subjects is not simply the mere discussion but also the practical approaches to these problems.

Take TRP for instance- we recognize that mating is a zero sum game and then modify our strategies to better counter women's strategies. To the outside it appears as though our critique is hatred, but from the inside it's clear our goal is to understand their strategies to counter them (and ultimately have sex with them). Obviously our discussion delves deeper into society's natural predisposition to favoring women, and how that effects both our sexual advantages and how that branches into the rest of our lives. But most importantly our focus is learning how to counter the strategies. It's constructive, not prescriptive.

The JQ discussions I've seen do not follow this path. And while anybody here knows I'm the last person to start labeling things I disagree with hate-speech, there is a line in which people abandon reason and all intellectual value vanishes.

For instance, what is the answer to the JQ?

There are a few ways that can end... My personal opinion is that men of any background should attempt to band together into economic units and form small communities to protect against the tyranny of the larger culture, whomever that might entail.

I have been talking about this in our "building power" flair for a while now. Whether it's the Jews, Liberals, Conservatives, Globalists, or feminists causing my relative lack of financial and sexual security is almost unimportant on that front, as the solution to it remains entirely the same.

But this personal growth topic never arises in JQ threads. Instead it's simply a point-and-blame game with no real answers. This is why it is quickly given the hate-speech title. It's acknowleging the Jews' participation in the unfair world and then being upset about it.

Where does that lead? What are your options then?

Well we know there are many societies that decided the answer to the Jews is to expell or murder them via mass genocide. You can imaging why it's such a sore subject and one nobody wants to get near.

That you ask me about National Socialism in the same comment discourages me. If there were any merits to National Socialism, they'd be adopted into an ideology of a different name, not one famous for killing Jews. Anybody still going for it after that is intellectually dishonest at best, and brain dead stupid or evil at worst. The Nazi "brand," as it were, is dead. And the Nazis killed it.

But here we have a prime example of a group who decided to answer the JQ with mass murder. To me, that's not only morally wrong, it's intellectually bankrupt. If your ideology simply cannot function without murder and tyranny, then you don't function under a social contract that allows and protects for other things such as free speech.

On our new site, our main priority is ensuring TRP has a safe haven. We will manually approve additional topics as we see fit.

To elaborate on my position of protecting against censorship, I think I should clarify that the false justification for censorship is a qualifying factor for me.

When conspiracy nuts discuss 9/11 "truths" are censored because they're "dangerous," or conservatives who dislike taxes are called "alt right" or "Nazi" and silenced to protect the world from hate speech, to me this is a travesty and crime against free speech. Because these people are being silenced as though they were active nazis but for simply disagreeing with the status quo.

Actual Nazis are actually shit people. And while I think they should be protected by free speech in the USA, I am not certain they feel the same about others having the same protections. I really don't trust most people who engage in that sort of conversation to self-moderate. I don't trust the group known for murder not to cross the line from discussion to crime. Because they're not interested in practical, constructive answers, and they have a proven track record for genocide.

If I had unlimited time and money we could open the gates and start reddit 2.0 and let the lawyers sort it all out.

But we're a smaller group with a tighter focus and less resources.

What makes TRP so great is that, while we talk about ideas that are outside the overton window, we are also very selective about what ideas we discuss and entertain. We want the best, most intellectually riguous discussions. And that flies somewhat counter to free-speech as a concept, because we have to moderate this discussion to keep it intellectual. If you start posting racist jokes in TRP you will be removed. Not because we are anti-free-speech but because it doesn't serve our topic or add to our disucssion, which under attack enough for its own reasons.

I want to apply this selectivity to Forums.Red. I want to engender other topics that have been run out of the other towns because of their position outside the current overton window - thus the tagline "Forbidden Ideas." But I want to select the ones with intellectual rigor, because I want to attract the smart people, I want to have the smart conversations.

Is this truly free speech? No, it's not. But I think everybody will be able to understand that this undertaking is going to be a fight. It will be work and will cost time and money to protect. So if I'm going up to bat for discussion groups, it better be ones I find value in and can defend from an intellectual standpoint - even if I disagree with them entirely.

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Comment by RatMan29 on 04/25/20 12:05am

I like your standards, and what you have to say about Nazis.

Having a "political free-for-all" as one of the topic groups might answer the need for dissident groups of various kinds to be able to find each other. Or we could accomplish the same thing by using gab.com as our "public square." Gab has the advantage that it lets you filter out posters, topics, or words you don't want to see.

Comment by MentORPHEUS on 03/01/19 07:54am

Excellent standards.