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Anger is Not a Phase
Published 10/14/20 by redpillschool [0 Comments]

I see the term "anger phase" bandied around a lot, and it's always rubbed me the wrong way. It implies that anger is something bad, a cancer of some sort. When you have it, you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible and move on to acceptance.

This is the emotional equivalent of letting bullies take your lunch money to prevent feeling pain. Acceptance as a means to achieve some higher Zen is not an admirable quality when it comes at a real cost to you. Pretending you've ascended to a higher plane of existence is a cope.

The mark of a man is not which emotions he has and which he ignores. The mark of a man is how he chooses to act in light of his emotions. Holding frame (TRP's golden calf if you ask me) does not mean stifling or pretending one does not have emotions (faux stoicism). It does not mean admonishing others for experiencing it.

Anger is one of the best catalysts for change. As with all of your emotions, it's important not to cede control to your anger, but it is similarly unwise to dismiss or hide from it. Anger, when properly directed, can be exactly the fire you need to get off your ass and make changes in your life.

Get angry at your lazy self. Get angry at fatness. Get angry at weakness. Get angry that others are successful and you are not. GET ANGRY.

I hear you say, “once you understand the rules, you don't get angry,” and , “if you understand how the game works, you don't get angry because you accept it.”

But mating is a zero sum game. LIFE is a zero sum game. If you're playing defense and the other team scores, you don't sit down and accept it, resigned to a life of loserdom. No! You get angry. You get energized. You get invigorated to play harder. You want to win the game and you use that energy to focus on achieving your goals.

People get lost in the rhetoric because they envision somebody stewing over things that make them angry, getting hotter and hotter under the collar but doing nothing to relieve the anger. They call it a phase because ultimately when you do something constructive with it, the anger subsides. Sitting around angry doesn't help anybody. (nor does sitting around sad, or jealous, or any other emotion).

But it’s being used differently here. They say: once you swallow the pill you leave the anger behind and what you have left is acceptance and frame. If you’re still angry, you haven’t swallowed the pill. You haven’t internalized it yet.

Bullshit I say. I post, and encourage the posting of, discussions, articles, and news clippings that demonstrate the perceived injustices in the world around us because anger keeps you sharp.

I still get angry when I hear about a man who loses his family to feminism. I get angry when I hear about a suicide that was preventable. I get angry when I hear about a woman abusing the good will of others for her own personal gain. I get angry when I hear that a mildly good looking 20-something can afford to buy a house by flashing her tits on the internet.

I get angry because it’s the other team scoring a goal and I need to stoke the fire under my own ass to put myself ahead. They’re playing on easy mode and the refs are in their pocket. You’re going to need a hell of a comeback to make up the difference. GET ANGRY.

Treating anger as an ugly emotion that should be avoided is accepting the feminine, blue pill frame. “Real men” don’t get angry. “Real men” learn to cope, right? Any time somebody suggests that your masculinity hinges on living up to societal standards, ask yourself who benefits from it?

Who benefits from docile pushover men who never get angry?

Think of it this way, if you can convince the other team to stop playing, it’s a heck of a lot easier to win.

No successful, great man in history entered into the history books by accepting his reality as just-so. Every single one of them said "to hell with this" and changed the status quo.

The other team wants you to give up, and they’ve been using social scorn, politics, and polite society to manipulate you your whole life. It’s so ingrained into us as humans that people on TRP unironically denounce anger as the ugly emotion that we should strive to outgrow and avoid. We should not be angry because that is a man who lacks control. Garbage.

Anger is not a phase. In fact, it's when you stop feeling angry that you should be the most worried. Not feeling angry means you are resigned to complacency with your status in life. Not feeling anger means that you are not truly living. Anger is the fire that drives the strong to go above and beyond the weak.

Anger is living. Complacency is death.

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