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FAQ About Forums.Red - Moving From Reddit FAQ?
Published 10/05/15 by redpillschool [2 Comments]

These questions get asked a lot so I thought I'd make an official post on it so we could keep this on record.

Are we officially moving off Reddit and onto

Not at this time. Forums.Red serves as a backup forum for the future, and a current archive of top posts on our boards, however our plan for the foreseeable future is to remain on for our forums. (/r/TheRedPill, /r/askTRP, /r/redpillwomen, /r/becomeaman, /r/alttrp, /r/thanktrp)

When will we move from Reddit to

We have no immediate plan to move, however, we have the backup forums set up in the case of a sudden change or emergency. The event that would cause us to move would be a reddit administrative event in which we are either banned from reddit, or our banning is known to be imminent.

So what can we do on Forums.Red until then?

User profiles are stored on, as well as an offtopic board you're more than welcome to use.

That seems like a lot of work if we're not using the forums.

That wasn't a question, and yes, it was a lot of work. We prefer to be prepared.

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Comment by redpillschool on 03/19/16 06:53pm

Thanks for the feedback H42. PM sent

Comment by H42 on 03/18/16 11:15pm

I tried to start an ad campaign. The process failed when I wanted to upload the image file. No "Browse Files" option appeared when clicking on the "select new image" button (camerabig.jpg)