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Does me wonders
I dont even scratch my itches anymore
sigh... I'm looking for more generalized trends people have noticed regarding attractiveness VS response times, we've all had successes but it would be silly to completely ignore the failures.
and that's the problem. you're approaching game like a salesman. A/B testing, rotating stock, etc.. you need to approach game like how Apple approaches marketing. You want women waiting in line for your shit.
I guess I'm a big data sort of guy, empirical studies speak volumes to me. Too much of overstatement can backfire on you as well but I tend to be pretty calm and don't feel the need to brag about my accomplishments as they usually speak for themselves. However I'm curious about your strategy so perhaps I'll take a page from your book in future encounters.
Anyway, gonna go hit the gym for a bit, bbl
I'm more interested in life philosophy. TRP would suggest that women have evolved to be able to differentiate between a man who's playing the numbers and a man who truly is outcome independent. That philosophy happens to align with mine.
thanks for the comments

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Showing #dating

tddaygame about a month ago

Science & dating tips, bitches! Also it might be that lately I'm reading too much on psychology. #daygame #dating

tddaygame about a month ago

Lately I've been on two lousy dates. And I blame the girls for at least half of the misery. The rest is on me. Those were girls who talk too much. #daygame #dating

tddaygame about a month ago

Is the girl you're trying to game externally or internally validated? Find out, adapt, calibrate. #daygame #dating