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You can be linked to it.
There was a thing a few years ago with bomb threats made from a tor encryption
Traced back to the student cause there was only one person on darknet at the time
If you're gonna do shady shit on darknet, go outside a coffee shop and leech their WiFi. (Cameras generally inside)
VPN into Tor combined with that
And honestly, if you're doing illegal illegal shit, run tails
It takes like an hour to set up and download

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Showing #dating

tddaygame about a week ago

Going to a date and hoping for the best? Don't. Backward plan your dates. #daygame #dating

tddaygame 2 months ago

I don't like canned lines and routines but question game is different. More of #dating than #daygame.

tddaygame about a year ago

Let's have a glimpse into week in an intermediate daygamer's dating life. What's even more fun - this was not a particularly good week. #daygame #dating