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even provided crayons
kidding, but my projects are getting high-dollar
what kind of projects?
architecting various systems and implementing them company wide
Graduated recently and beginning my career. Trying to learn about building good professional and personal relationships from the experienced guys on here
know when to slow down and make friends with the right people, and know when you don't have time to do that, and how to express that pleasantly and in a friend;y manner
that's my .02
Somewhat learning that lesson with another one of the new hires. Tried hard to be good friends but realizing more and more that he is not a good ally to have
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Magnus_Pym about an hour ago

@Captain_Save_AHoe Please don't post any porn on this Christian website

destraht 2 hours ago

Wow San Francisco, keep winning. They banned straws, then e-cigarettes while normal cigarettes are still allowed. All the while homeless are straight shitting and shooting up everywhere. I never imagined that the lead up to collapse would be this boring.

Captain_Save_A_Hoe_ 2 hours ago

@Magnus_Pym Whoops il post blacked.com memes instead since youre german.

destraht 3 hours ago

Note how the daily price lines are higher for gold but not for silver. 85 was whack, 90 was whack, 92.9 is whack. The more whack this number is the more that it indicates a day of reckoning is approaching.

Notice that Russia was buying furiously before the new local highs. Compare that to UK's Brown's Bottom.

destraht 3 hours ago

The gold/silver ratio is at 92.8. If you want a snapshot of how silver is more manipulated than gold then compare the gold price to the silver price. Large institutions are almost always able to hammer down silver more than gold during the routine price increases. Then silver leaps out explosively.

nr368 6 hours ago

let's rebrand the Incel movement as a purity movement. Victoria era 2.0 here we come. Raise your half chubs and celibate in celibacy. Begone thots. On a separate note I got stud shamed the other day...

nr368 6 hours ago

@destraht depends on if you're gay or straight. Spiritual or ridged. You're only a slut if people value commitment.

nr368 6 hours ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 it's just the same bullshit used to justify treating everyone with the same respect. You can't be different and equal. But hey what sounds better; men and women are equal or men and women are different? Men are equal to women as a fish is to the fishermen. Both need each other.

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